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BackOffice Pro (BOP) applies a modern and intensive approach to data capture, an indispensable commodity for businesses looking to transform hard copy data into secure, digital information. As respected trailblazers in the outsourcing industry, BOP features a team of data capture specialists who consistently set the standard for revolutionizing and refining the genre. Outsource Data Capture process to BackOffice Pro and acquire the services of a team of authorities whose aptitude in managing data capture is evident in our timeliness, precision, and commitment to quality.

Within our range of excellent data capture professionals, we offer resource arrangement for companies in need of obtaining specific commodities, individual project options, and alternatives for companies to redistribute their data capture workforce. BOP aspires to be the one recourse for all business genres in need of competitively priced, all-encompassing data capture services that are designed to make outsourcing straightforward and successful.

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BOP’s Data Capture Entry Skill Sets

BOP’s data capture team furnishes businesses with a way to utilize vital information through modern means, while offering clients administrative options with resource planning and arrangement.

  • For convenience, BOP features a FTE staff of consummate professionals that are able to combine their abilities for a collaborative approach to data capture services.
  • Data Capture Clerk Tasked to handle essential preliminary aspects of data capture, such as the general flow of data capture to allocation systems. Knowledge and experience handling BOP’s electronic OCR and ICR scanners.
  • Data Capture Conversion Specialist Available to assist in the intricate subtleties of the data capture and conversion method, they possess expert technical knowledge of SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server, SQLite, and C#, in addition to MS Access and Excel.
  • Data Capture Specialist Advanced knowledge of relational and dimensional databases and data capture technologies, including BOP’s proprietary AIDC systems. Excellent knowledge of SQL languages and servers, including Oracle and MySQL, as well as Word, MS Access, and Excel. Enacts measures to ensure data quality control during the capture process.
  • Data Capture Team Manager Establishes timely and complete data capture, ensures data integrity, and monitors data capture team productivity. Also manages databases, conversion, and archival process to client requirements. Experienced in UNIX/Linux systems, Excel, Word, and Access.
  • All members of BOP’s Data Capture staff are proficient in Change Data Capture (CDC), and other areas of data capture management, including formatting newly converted information into various software programs and/or databases.
  • Our Data Capture team is adept at both relational and multi-dimensional databases and technologies, as well as navigating SQL stored procedures.
  • Proven ability to utilize advanced functionality for manipulating captured data in MS Access.

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Data CaptureOutsourcing Process

BOP’s outsourcing process is the result of careful attention to the goals and needs of our clients, and furnishing components that enable us to efficiently complete all data capture enterprises.

  • Pricing Estimate, Resource Planningand Management As data capture negotiations ensue, BOP prepares price estimation and a cohesive program for resource arrangement and procurement.
  • Essential Training and Transferal of Knowledge BOP’s widely respected training methods begin with initiating fundamental principles in conjunction with a transfer of clients’ collective knowledge.
  • Venture Evaluation and Offer For absolute transparency, BOP engages the client in a preliminary session in which we evaluate the extent of the project and deliver an offer appropriate to the magnitude of the venture and the client’s budgetary sphere.
  • Professional Contract BOP generates a professional business contract customized for the client to outsource data capture projects.
  • Locational Training and Transition BOP’s emphasis on human resources enables us to best position our data capture team to bestow on-location knowledge, progressive techniques, and incomparable education to inbound personnel for a considerate and effective transition process.

Outsourcing Advantages from BackOffice Pro

Choosing to outsource Data Capture with BOP can allow businesses to enjoy a more current, controlled, and archival means of organizing and accessing critical information, in addition to alleviating human resource challenges.

  • Off-loading data capture teams to BOP can allow businesses to free internal assets that were previously overlooked due to administrative and office infrastructure limitations.
  • Versatile single project criterion so that we can take measures to ensure data capture from images, forms, checks, coupons, municipal records, and more are digitalized and converted into a secure format or software program that your business prefers.
  • Back Office can establish and maintain the alignment of data architecture to adapt to the client’s business strategy, goals, and data capture objectives.
  • Our team of data capture specialists is able to integrate and aggregate bulk volume data using assorted high-velocity data capture applications so that information remains intact during the digitization process.
  • Contract a data capture staff that is experienced working with confidential and sensitive information, always adhering to best qualitative practices as an ISO9001:2008 quality standard processes.
  • Achieve better control of sensitive company information, and limit employee user access privileges by retaining BOP’s data capture team to digitalize hard copy documents and upload them successfully into integrated client systems.
  • Receive informed FTE consultants in the form of our upper level data capture specialists, who can aid clients in designing a structured business plan for outsourcing that takes budgetary concerns, labor, and equipment limitations into consideration.

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To begin modernizing your company’s files, documents, images, and information, contact BOP’s Data Capture team for adaptive outsourcing solutions that work for today’s forward thinking businesses.