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Over the past decade, BackOffice Pro (BOP) has developed an essential infrastructure of professionals, technology, and processes to support organizations with invoice data entry service. As the demand for professional invoice management has soared, BOP has cemented it as a key outsourcing service provider to global clients across industries. We assign critical resources to help our clients improve their invoice management flow, providing invoice data entry outsourcing support in a format that is seamlessly integrated into an operational pipeline.

As a leading outsourcing data entry service provider, BOP strictly adheres to service level agreements and provides highly experienced resources for the projects at the most competitive price. Our extensive portfolio and global reach have established us as a trustworthy provider of professional data entry services.

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BOP’s Invoice Data Entry Skill Sets

At BackOffice Pro, we deploy dedicated teams and customs processes to support our clients in the Invoice Factoring industry. Our portfolio of skillset includes:

  • A mixed team of data entry experts, data technicians, and analysts, around a core team of professionals with work experience of minimum four years.
  • Experience across industry verticals, including Transportation, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing, Staffing, and Construction.
  • Specialists experienced in all stages of invoice data entry and processing, with a thorough knowledge of general accounting and bookkeeping procedures.
  • Ability to prepare on-demand and automated reports, records, databases, and other documentation.
  • All our data entry clerks are certified typists at over 10,000ksph alphanumeric data entry, with a special focus on numeric 10-key data entry.
  • Strong alignment with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in global geographies, including US, UK, France, Canada, and China. Ensured compliance with the client’s preferred process management standards.
  • Hands-on experience processing all payment-related documents, including Accounts Payable transactions, payment requests, invoices, stop payments, and void checks, outstanding invoices and credit balances.
  • Experience with major Enterprise Financial Management systems, including Epicor, SAP, Abel, Lawson, Infor, SunSystems, and PeopleSoft.
  • Ability to perform three-way matching on vendor invoices, purchase orders and shipping documents including order receipts/packing slips, to ensure that payments are complete and accurate.
  • Dedicated project managers with extensive contact center experience.
  • Experience reconciling all forms of electronic payment, including e-commerce payment, mobile payment, and digital wallets.
  • Advanced document mapping techniques, to ensure accurate processing of payment documents across different country-specific standards.

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BOP’s Invoice Data Services offers

BackOffice Pro has gained over a decade of experience in delivering seamless, continually optimized copy paste services. Our services include:

  • Data Entry for Self-Billing Invoices We offer data entry support for self-billing invoices and internal reconciliation of warehouse transfers, by creating the corresponding internal purchase invoices for all internal sales invoices. We use custom output formats to match our client’s ERP import requirements.
  • Data Entry from Scanned Images of Invoices We assist Payment Factoring and Payment Processing agencies with scanned invoice data conversion into preferred output formats, including spreadsheets, databases,and ERP systems. We use a combination of image mapping automation and manual data entry to achieve error-free results and short turnaround times.
  • Data Entry from Hard Copies of Invoices We make use of cutting-edge invoice recognition software to harvest data from hard copies of payment documents, and thorough manual quality control to ensure error-free output. Our internal software and hardware resources for printed material processing are unmatched.
  • Capturing, Sorting and Indexing of Invoices We offer full-service support for payment-data management, for all payment methods, document types and channels. We help our clients centralize all of their payment data into their media and format of choices, including capturing, indexing and storing of these documents into main databases and backup locations.
  • Data Entry of Credit and Debit Memos We create credit and debit memos requests, concerning existing orders or invoices, to allow for accurate reconciliation and account updates. We adapt our clients preferred formats to our proven data entry process, for perfect accuracy.
  • Scanning Hard Copies of Invoices for Data Entry We are happy to help our clients scan their hard copies of invoices for backup and data processing purposes. We digitize print documents into the client’s format of choice, and we can process tens of pages per day.
  • Data Entry of Sales and Purchase Invoices We assist our clients in processing sales and purchase invoices for transaction-heavy industries like banking, insurance, e-commerce, retail, and tourism, by assigning data-entry support personnel. We are regularly processing thousands of invoices per day, allowing our clients to make use of a scalable team of professionals that matches their current needs.
  • Excel Sheet Filling and Microsoft Word Document Data Entry We can enter invoice data into predefined Microsoft Excel and Word templates, as well as other file formats including text files, CSV, PDF, and other.
  • Data Entry of Pro-Forma Invoices Pro-forma invoice data entry is a common service we offer, along with our sales and purchase invoice data-entry. With most of our clients, we often integrate every data-entry sub-service we offer into a project-wide process that is efficient and accurate.
  • Invoice Data Entry into Database Programs and Software Applications Performing data entry directly into our client’s software systems, via a secure internet connection is one of the most accurate methods of processing payments and gives our clients the opportunity to make use of the data immediately.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

Our team offers data management services of unparalleled quality, enabling maximum accuracy. Benefits of working with BOP include:

  • Customer-centric approach Our experience is unmatched, and we will always respond to any special data entry request, as well as meet our client’s preferred payment-processing methods.
  • Scalable resources We are the outsourcing partner of choice for many agencies in the payment-processing industry. We can provide a scalable workforce to support continuous operational workflow, as well as peak-times.
  • Strict data security We are committed to the highest operational and technical standards of data security. All of our team members sign strict NDA agreements, we perform regular security audits, and we adhere to our client’s special data security requests.
  • State-of-the-art technology Our data-processing infrastructure, from scanning and image mapping solutions to automated data entry tools ensure zero-error, quick turnaround delivery. And we are always looking for ways to improve. By outsourcing their invoice data entry, our clients benefit from cutting-edge, specialized tools, at no extra cost.
  • Continuous learning culture As a leading provider of Invoice data entry services, we have devised methods to continuously train our people and test cutting-edge tools to improve our overall accuracy and turnaround time. All of our technical operators and data entry are trained, tested, and internally certified for speed and accuracy in their respective field area.

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With a team of skilled data entry specialists, BackOffice Pro aims at assisting organizations with quality invoice data entry services at a price that the industry can ever offer. If you are interested in a professional support solution for invoice data entry, contact us today, and one of our dedicated project managers will get in touch with you within 24 hours.