Outsource Subpoenas Transcription Services

At Back Office Pro, our clients include legal professionals who appreciate our assistance with many components of court cases. Subpoenas are no exception. We aim to assist our clients with their outsource subpoena transcription services. By doing so, we help them create accurate, confidential, and completely professional court documentation which can be used as a reference tool for all legal parties involved.

Subpoenas Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

Our services are catered to our clients' exact needs and can even be completed same-day. We have a wide range of subpoena transcription services available which are completed by our staff of highly-trained transcription specialists. Our services include:

  • Clerk-Issued Subpoena: Subpoenas are most frequently issued by a clerk under seal. Our services will provide a verbatim transcription of clerk-issued subpoenas with fair turnaround times.
  • Witness Subpoena: By completing a transcription for a witness subpoena, we're helping the court ensure that the right witnesses can appear and help represent either side of the case.
  • Attorney-at-Law Subpoena: As part of your attorney-at-law subpoena, we will include every important detail word-for-word—the legal issue at hand, the name of every individual involved, a list of documents or evidence which must be presented, and the scheduling information for the legal proceedings.

Benefits of Availing
Our Subpoenas Transcription Services

At Back Office Pro, we guarantee our clients' satisfaction, quality outsource subpoenas transcription, accuracy, and fair turnaround times. We also offer confidentiality, customization, and client support.

  • Verbatim Our transcription services are guaranteed to be verbatim, which is critically important with any type of legal documentation.
  • Customized Formatting Upon request, your subpoenas transcription can be customized in any way that will be helpful to you or your clients. Our team of specialists stands ready and willing to help you create legal templates that will be ideal for your particular firm.
  • Time Stamping As part of our customizable services, every client has the option of requesting time stamping for their transcription.
  • Confidentiality At Back Office Pro, we understand that we're working with highly sensitive legal information. We guarantee that your documents and recordings will be safeguarded and protected. We're always committed to your privacy and personal rights.
  • Highly Trained Transcription Specialists Our transcriptionists are the best at what they do. Each member of our staff has been highly trained and is specialized in their own area of expertise. You can rest assured in knowing that your subpoenas transcription will be handled by an absolute professional in the field.


If you're ready to begin a rewarding experience by getting started with your own outsource subpoenas transcription, contact us at Back Office Pro today.