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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the renowned legal transcription companies catering to the global legal companies and attorneys with subpoenas transcription to help them keep a detailed record of every detail of the court summons. Our precise transcription covers all aspects of the subpoena, including the order requiring the recipient to appear at a deposition for producing documents and tangible evidence, the date, time, and place. Outsource subpoenas transcription services to Bop in India to reduce your workload on legal documentation and focus on building the case.

The legal transcriptionists at BOP work with much precision to deliver 100% accuracy in the output. Be it a deposition subpoena, witness subpoena, or the subpoena duces tecum; we aim to deliver accurate, confidential, and complete court documentation, which can be further used as reference tools for all the legal parties involved. Contact us to know more about how we can assist you with our subpoena transcription services.

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Subpoena Transcription Services Skills at BOP

As a leading subpoena transcription company in India, the legal transcription team at BOP are highly skilled, possessing the following skills:

  • In-depth understanding of area law, legal terminologies, and abbreviations
  • Skillful in transcribing legislative, executive, criminal, and various other judicial branches
  • Highly experienced in drafting all legal documents possessing a typing speed of 55-60 words per minute
  • Adroit in transcribing various documents like discovery, appeals, wiretap, testimonies, mandamus, trial session recordings, etc.
  • Experienced in working with different legal transcription software

Subpoena Transcription Services at BOP

Our legal transcription services are designed and customized to cater to our legal clients' exact needs. Being a significant subpoena transcription company, we have a wide range of subpoena transcription services available include:

  • Witness Subpoena BOP's experts provide precise witness subpoena transcriptions that help attorneys to keep a detailed record of the court orders requiring the witness of a case to appear in the court for a trial on a specific date. Our subpoena transcription includes every detail of the court order.
  • Subpoena Duces Tecum BOP's legal transcription team, provides accurate transcription for the subpoena duces tecum, or "subpoena for production of evidence." Our transcription is accurate, explaining the court order requiring the subpoenaed person to produce documents and evidence on a specific date, time, and place or face the punishment.
  • Deposition Subpoena We transcribe the deposition subpoena to keep a record of the person asked to appear in the court to answer questions related to the lawsuit. Our transcription records every detail of the subpoena and serves as a crucial part of the "discovery process" prior to the trial.

Benefits of Subpoena Transcription Services at BOP

At BackOffice Pro, we guarantee our clients' satisfaction, quality subpoena transcription services, accuracy, and fair turnaround times. We also offer confidentiality, customization, and client support.

  • Get accurate and full verbatim transcription of every single word while saving your time to focus on the case.
  • Get all the legal documents like depositions, trial recordings, appeals, wiretap, verdicts, etc., in presentable and storable files
  • Get subpoenas transcription in customized legal templates based on your requirements incorporating legal logos and time stamp
  • Get the legal documents transferred through highly secured File Transfer Protocols (FTPs) and maintaining the confidentiality


Track the Court Proceedings with Detailed Transcription of the Subpoenas

Subpoena carries heavy importance on account of being the court order to the person to appear in the court and testify the documents. As an ISO certified company, we deliver legal transcriptions, including jury instruction transcription, arbitration, mandamus, and the transcription of various important legal documents with high quality, attention to detail, and accuracy. Contact us to discuss your subpoena transcription services requirements and know how best we can assist you with legal documentation.