Florida Based Television Production Company Benefited from Outsourcing Model in Clearing Massive Transcription Backlog

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Meet the Client: Florida Based Television Production Company

The client is a leading television production company based out in Tampa, Florida. It is known for creating original programming and long-term productions. It also has an up-to-date hi-tech HD facility in Tampa.

Objective Behind the Audio and Video Transcription Requirement

The client aimed at clearing the backlog of audio and video transcription and be up to date with their production.





48 hours per transcription

Challenges on the Audio and Video Transcription at the Client’s End

The client had a massive backlog of audio and video transcription for important production companies. They hired us to clear this backlog within a month. Since they were a regular client, we were asked for just a single trial. We were engaged on the project after the client expressed their satisfaction with the results.

Custom Solution on Audio and Video Transcription at BOP

Our professionals who had previously worked with clients in the same field came up with the appropriate solution. They had to make sure that we remained dedicated to upholding our quality and punctuality standards. They came up with the following solution:

  • Appointment of team members with audio and video transcription expertise
  • Rigorous and stringent quality checks by reviewing the transcribed files
  • Random reviews by the project manager to ensure that quality was always upheld
  • Clearing the backlog in the specified time.

Initially, we faced the following challenges: appointing a team with the required experience in audio and video transcriptions and making sure that transcriptions were up to the client’s expectations. Additionally, executing the project under a very tight schedule was also difficult. However, with a highly experienced team, we overcame the challenges.

Audio and Video Transcription Outcome

The two major benefits that the client incurred through the project were:

  • For every 2-3 audio hours, transcripts delivery was within 24 to 48 hours. A swift turnaround schedule resulted in considerable time saving by the client.
  • Our cost per video came up to $35 per hour, which was significantly lower than the $75 charged in the US. It resulted in significant cost savings by the client.

The client was not just happy with our successful results but also appreciative of our professional approach.

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