Outsource Arbitration Transcription Services

At Back Office Pro, we have years of experience when it comes to arbitration transcription. We take pride in the exceptional quality of documents we provide for our legal clientele. Because of our high standards, cost-effective pricing, and rapid turnaround times, we maintain mutually beneficial relationships with legal clientele on an international level.

Arbitration Services Offered by Back Office Pro

We offer new and established clients the best outsource arbitration transcription services available. Not only can we provide transcriptions with word-for-word accuracy, but we can also provide translated documents for your own clientele. We know that language barriers can be problematic and we can translate your arbitration transcription into virtually any language imaginable. Our legal transcription services also include transcription of:

  • Court Appointed Arbitration Our transcriptions are verbatim and will catch every word of the arbitration including administrative orders, rules, and regulations.
  • Grievance Arbitration We provide exceptional quality transcriptions which reflect your conflict resolution and bargaining agreements.
  • Independent Arbitration Our skilled staff of specialized transcriptionists will capture and create a highly polished document which showcases your negotiations and mediating dialogue.
  • Binding & Non-Binding Arbitration Whether your arbitration is binding or non-binding, our staff at Back Office Pro will create the kind of quality transcription you deserve.

Benefits of Availing
Our Arbitration Transcription Services

By selecting Back Office Pro as your outsource arbitration transcription partner, you're choosing a professional partner with impeccable standards. We are devoted to our clients and we recognize them as unique individuals with specific needs. Best of all, we always accommodate for personalized requests when it comes to transcription formatting and style. Our guarantee at Back Office Pro is client satisfaction, quality outsource arbitration transcription, accuracy, and fair turnaround times.

  • Verbatim Our transcription services are guaranteed to be verbatim, catching every critical word of your arbitration.
  • Customized Formatting Upon request, your arbitration transcription can be customized in any way you see fit. Our team of transcription specialists stands ready and willing to help you create customized templates which will fill your ongoing legal needs.
  • Time Stamping As part of our customizable services, every client has the option of requesting time stamping for their transcription.
  • Confidentiality At Back Office Pro, we understand that we're working with highly sensitive information. We guarantee that your arbitration documents and recordings will be safeguarded. We're always committed to your privacy and personal rights.
  • Highly Trained Transcription Specialists We have a team of specialists specifically dedicated to legal transcription. You can rest assured in knowing that your arbitration transcription will be handled by an absolute professional in the field who has years of experience.


We guarantee that your mediations will be greatly enhanced with the implementation of our outsource arbitration transcription services.To get started, contact us at Back Office Pro today.