Outsource Jury Instruction Transcription Services

Court cases always involve jury instruction. It is critical to create an accurate record of these instructions so they can be referenced by the attorneys and all other legal entities involved in the case. At Back Office Pro, we have been providing outsource jury instruction transcription services for years and we do it with precision and efficiency. Our clients are pleased with our cost-effective pricing, our competitive turnaround times, and our incredible attention to detail.

Jury Instruction Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

We proudly offer services that are completely customizable so that your transcription meets your exact specifications. Whether you provide audio or video recordings, we will render a completely professional record for the court. Our services include jury instruction transcription for any type of court case you encounter:

  • Instructions for Civil Juries The transcription of civil jury instructions can be collected as an intended guide for legal parties involved in the court case. Attorneys and other legal entities may use these records under their complete discretion.
  • Instructions for Criminal Juries At Back Office Pro, we're happy to create separate transcriptions for pre-trial instructions, instructions during the trial, the final charge to the jury, as well as any supplemental instructions they may receive.

Benefits of Availing
Our Jury Instruction Transcription Services

By selecting Back Office Pro as your outsource jury instruction transcription partner, you're choosing a professional partner with impeccable standards. We are devoted to all of our legal clientele and we recognize them as unique individuals with specific needs. Best of all, we always accommodate for personalized requests when it comes to transcription formatting and style. Our guarantee at Back Office Pro is client satisfaction, quality outsource jury instruction transcription, accuracy, and fair turnaround times.

  • Verbatim It's imperative that court records, including jury instruction, be word-for-word. That's why our transcription services are guaranteed to be verbatim.
  • Customized Formatting Upon request, your jury instruction transcription can be customized in any way that will be pleasing to the court.
  • Time Stamping As part of our customizable services, every client has the option of requesting time stamping for their transcription.
  • Confidentiality We understand that we're working with highly sensitive information for the court system. As such, we guarantee that your documents and recordings will be safeguarded and protected. We're always committed to your privacy and personal rights.
  • Highly Trained Transcription Specialists When working with Back Office Pro, you can rest assured in knowing that your jury instruction transcription will be handled by an absolute professional in the field. We always hire the best.


If you work in a legal profession and are ready to enjoy the benefits of outsource jury instruction transcription, contact us at Back Office Pro today.