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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the most significant court report transcription companies in India, providing transcription support for the court proceedings and reports. Our court report transcriptions help the attorneys, lawyers, and other legal authorities to build cases based on the evidence, the facts, verbal and non-verbal cues.

Our legal transcriptionists are highly experienced and familiar with all legal terminologies and provide accurate transcriptions of the verbatim recordings of the jury instructions and decisions, the attorney arguments, the parties, and witness testimonies. If you are an attorney, outsource court report transcription services to BOP in India to save your time and focus on building the cases.

BOP's professionals transcribe the court proceedings and deliver with speed, confidentiality, and efficiency. Whether it is audio or video footage, we offer transcriptions for the different court proceedings like pleading, petitions, appeals, subpoenas and summons, dispositions, hearing, interrogations, wiretaps, phone calls, memorandums, docket, etc. Contact us to know more about our court report transcription services.

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Court Report Transcription Skills at BOP

Being one among the recognized legal transcription companies in India, BOP has a pool of legal transcriptionists with vast experience in transcribing the court proceeding summary, possessing the below skill sets:

  • Expert in preparing and drafting legal documents with a high typing speed of 60 words per minute
  • Proficient in preparing pleadings, discovery, jury instructions, arbitration, investigation transcription, and appellate documents with 100% accuracy
  • Thorough understanding of the legal terminologies and knowledge of the state law
  • Adept in researching legal libraries and databases
  • Working experience with legal transcription software
  • Expertise in transcribing executive, legislative, and other judicial branches

Court Report Transcription Services at BOP

We understand that legal professionals are bombarded with paperwork, interviews, and court proceedings as parts of the civil procedure. Our court report transcription services offer a great solution to help minimize our clients' stress and help them stay ahead with their legal documentation. Our court proceeding transcription services include:

  • Defense & Prosecution Arguments As an impartial third party, BOP legal transcriptionists produce word-for-word transcriptions of the court arguments. Our transcriptions make a great supplement to your official legal transcripts and court documents.
  • Pleadings BOP experts transcribe both audio and video recordings of pleadings entered in the court with high precision. As one of the most important legal documents, which includes the claims and defenses, our pleading transcriptions help the attorneys to build the case around it.
  • Petitions BOP creates verbatim transcriptions to create high-quality petition documents that can be used by the plaintiffs, attorneys, and any legal member of the court. We support transcription at every stage of a legal case, beginning with the petition and ending with the jury decision.
  • Summons and Subpoenas We transcribe the subpoenas and summons accurately to help the attorneys and parties to keep a record of every court order. We transcribe the summons detailing the case, the data, and the time of parties appearing in the court.
  • Sworn Statements BOP team transcribes the sworn statements, as a major part of the court report transcription services, to help attorneys use it as evidence instead of the testimony and to validate the statements. Our transcription serves as a powerful tool helping the lawyers to save time in gathering information to build arguments for obtaining the truths.
  • Interrogations BOP offers precise trans,criptions for the recordings of the plaintiffs, suspects, and witnesses, and defendants when they are questioned. Our transcription helps the legal authorities to study the behavior, lapses in the speech pattern, facial expressions, and non-verbal signals of the suspects.
  • Legal Dictations BOP transcribe important notes and documents and reports that the legal professionals dictate while working on the case. Our precise transcription is well-organized and is ready for further analysis by the attorneys, to create a strong argument and debating points.

Benefits of Court Report Transcription Services at BOP

As one of the renowned court report transcription companies, BackOffice Pro’s team is comprised of professionals who have been highly trained and are familiar with legal terms and phrases. We are devoted to each of our legal clients, along with offering the following benefits:

  • Get precise legal transcription in various formats for an easy store and access across many devices and file formats
  • Get an accurately formatted court report transcription with time stamping, if necessary
  • Refer to the court proceeding transcriptions to carefully evaluate each aspect of the case and build the debate points
  • Track all your court proceedings reports with an easy document flow process in chronological orders and high confidentiality


Get Precise Legal Transcriptions from BOP to Solidify your Case Arguments

Legal transcriptionists at BOP listen to the court proceedings recordings and the docket made by the attorneys and the legal professionals in the court and convert them to precise and accurate legal documents. The court recordings include pleadings, memorandums, discoveries, summons, sworn statements, and more. While ensuring confidentiality, file transfer security, and accuracy, our transcribed legal documents help lawyers to refer to the previous debates, instructions, interrogations, etc. Contact us to know more about our court report transcription services and court testimony transcription services and find out the outsourcing benefits at BOP.