Transcription Pricing

If you’re interested in outsourcing any of the audio or video transcription needs of your business, BackOffice Pro offers a number of solutions including business transcription, media transcription, insurance transcription and voicemail transcription. We also offer a variety of transcription pricing options to match your budget and specific project needs.

Base Transcription Pricing

Transcription pricing is broken down into two tiers, with audio and video transcription starting at basic hourly rates and more specialized transcription being priced depending on complexity and turnaround time for that project.

  • Audio
    Basic audio transcription services starts at $40 per hour but varies depending on the complexity, turnaround time and number of hours involved.
  • Video
    Basic video transcription services starts at $45 per hour but varies depending on the complexity, turnaround time and number of hours involved.

Special Transcription Pricing

  • Business
    Business transcription pricing can vary depending on factors such as man-hours involved, turnaround time, and the complexity of the audio file, as well as the type of content being transcribed, such as conference calls, business meetings and interviews. Contact us for quote.
  • Media
    Media transcription pricing varies as well, depending on the number of hours involved, turnaround time and complexity of the file. Contact us for quote.
  • Insurance
    Factors that influence the pricing of insurance transcription include the type of work, whether it is a report or claim, complexity of the audio file and turnaround time. Contact us for quote.
  • Voicemail
    For voicemail transcription, pricing is based on two factors - records and audio duration. The cost is $.30 per 30 seconds of recording and $36 per hour of total audio (when billed on duration). The volume of voicemail transcribed will determine the pricing that affects your project.

Full Time Equivalent Rates

We offer a number of custom pricing options for transcription, including full-time equivalent rates if you have a large volume of content that needs to be transcribed over a long period of time. These rates can be matched to monthly or multi-month contracts, depending on your specific project needs.

Transcription Pricing Matched to Your Needs

If your business needs transcription in any form, contact the experts of BackOffice Pro today. We offer comprehensive transcription services, and our transcription pricing is designed to ensure businesses in a variety of different industries benefit. Contact us today to learn more about all of these factors and what will work best for you.