Outsource Police Interview Transcription to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) prides on being the most chosen destination to outsource police interview transcription needs. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement model, we support the critical transcription needs of the law enforcement agencies, investigators, and other community protection professionals. Adhering to the ISO guidelines and knowing the importance of accuracy in police interview transcription, we undergo multilayered quality checks to deliver the exact text files.

Possessing a decade of experience and expertise in transcribing police interviews, we work as your back-office partner and provide the transcriptions in custom formats. Contact us today to understand how to outsource police interview transcription needs and get assisted by the pool of experts.

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Police Interview Transcription Skills Sets at BOP

As one of the leading companies providing police interview transcription in India, the legal transcription team at BOP possess extensive experience and are highly skilled. As your back-office partner, we know the sensitivity of the police interview recordings. So, we deploy strict protocols while executing the project and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Here is the list of skill sets that the team of transcriptionists at BOP possess:

  • Proficient in transcribing police interview with 100% accuracy
  • Thorough understanding of legal terminologies and profound knowledge of the state of law
  • Adept in working with the legal transcription software
  • Capabilities of researching legal database and libraries
  • Expert in transcribing the recordings of witness, victim, interrogation, and confessions
  • In-depth knowledge of law enforcement rules in relation to the investigation

Police Interview Transcription Services at BOP

As one of the best companies providing police interview transcription services in India, we provide support to the police department as well as the FBI. When law enforcement agencies outsource police interview transcription to us, we provide an accurate transcription in the desired formats into 60 different languages roughly. Here is the list of services we provide:

  • Police Interview Transcription We assist police officers with ongoing and routine investigations transcription that involve audio and video evidence along with inserting timestamps to facilitate the easy identification of specific portions of the interview.
  • Victim/Witness Interviews With BackOffice Pro transcriptionists, get a clear and precise transcription of the victims and the witnesses’ interviews to keep a record of it and produce it quickly when required.
  • Suspect Interrogations / Confession Get an accurate transcription of the interrogation session and the confession with BOP experts to preserve it for further use.
  • Forensic Transcription With BOP, transcribe the forensic investigation records for a case to conserve the crucial information in a way that is presentable whenever required.
  • FBI Interview Transcription When you outsource police interview transcription, we accurately transcribe the FBI interviews, including lengthy polygraph tests.

Benefits of Outsourcing Police Interview Transcription to BOP

By selecting BackOffice Pro as your partner to outsource police interview transcription services in India, you have taken a step ahead to preserve the crucial recordings efficiently with our transcriptions. We guarantee our clients' satisfaction as well as accuracy, reasonable turnaround time, and the below benefits:

  • Get accurate police interview transcription in different formats to store it easily and seamless access in different devices
  • Get correctly formatted police interview transcriptions with time stamping
  • Get all the transcription for the interview recordings of victim, witness, confession in chronological order for easy access
  • Get the accurately transcribed and confidential files through stringent and highly secured File Transfer Protocols (FTPs).


Outsource Police Interview Transcription Needs to Convert the Recordings in Text Formats

As a crucial part of the judicial investigation, police interviews are an important facet. BackOffice Pro assists in the precise transcription of each and every audio and video document relating to the victim, suspect, and the entire case. We organize the files in chronological order that help in quick access of the particular date and areas of the case when produced in the court. If you want a streamlined police interview recording and produce a backup of the files in text, outsource police interview transcription to the BOP. Contact us today to understand the outsourcing process at BackOffice Pro and how we can assist you with your crucial requirement.