Outsource Police Interview Transcription Services

At Back Office Pro, we proudly offer a way to outsource police interview transcription. We love to partner up with law enforcement, investigators, and all other professionals involved in community protection. Our reputation speaks for itself—we have proven ourselves to be a trustworthy, cost-effective, and superior partner in the transcription arena.

Police Interview Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

As part of our services, we offer interview transcription for police departments as well as the FBI. Not only do we provide excellence in interview transcription, but we've made a name for ourselves in the business of translation as well. Our law enforcement clientele have been exceedingly impressed with our ability to accurately translate their interviews into roughly 60 different languages.

  • Police Interview Transcription We can assist police officers with ongoing and routine investigations that involve audio and video evidence. Our clients also appreciate our ability to insert time stamps upon request. Time stamps make it ever simpler to locate specific portions of an interview during a police investigation.
  • FBI Interview Transcription As part of our police interview transcription services, we can accurately transcribe any number of FBI interviews which include lengthy polygraph tests. We're also happy to customize transcriptions so they are perfectly catered to any law enforcement organization. We want your transcription to be tailored specifically for you.

Benefits of Availing
Our Police Interview Transcription Services

By selecting Back Office Pro as your outsource police interview transcription partner, you're choosing a professional partner with standards as high as your own. We guarantee our clients' satisfaction as well as quality outsource transcription, accuracy, and fair turnaround times.

  • Verbatim Having word-for-word documentation of police interviews is a must. We take pride in offering transcription services that are guaranteed to be verbatim.
  • Customized Formatting: Upon request, your police interview transcription can be customized to your exact specifications.
  • Time Stamping As part of our customizable services, every client has the option of requesting time stamping for their transcription.
  • Confidentiality At Back Office Pro, we understand that we're working with highly sensitive law enforcement information. We guarantee that your documents, data, and recordings will be safeguarded. We're always committed to your privacy and personal rights.
  • Highly Trained Transcription Specialists Our team of specialists has been trained and continually updated on the latest transcription technology and procedures. Additionally, they have years of experience with transcribing all types of police interviews. You can rest assured in knowing that your transcriptionist is an absolute professional in the field.