BackOffice Pro Delivered Business Transcription with 99 Percent Accuracy from Inferior Audio Quality

Each business transcription assignment can present special challenges. Here is a case study featuring how BackOffice Pro (BOP) dealt with 31 hours of inferior audio files — delivering timely and accurate final transcripts with 99 percent accuracy to the client.

The Client and Their Needs

The client is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and has transcription experience involving assignments that include transcribing depositions, interviews and reports for insurance and medical businesses. The client needed a transcription partner capable of transcribing 31 hours of audio files involving the Indiana Historical Society. The client worked with BackOffice Pro on previous assignments — they chose BOP for this transcription project based on high-quality performance in prior engagements.

The BackOffice Pro Challenges

This project involved two special challenges:

  • Audio files with inferior quality — Due to poor audio quality, the BOP team had difficulty understanding speakers.
  • Rework requirements to achieve accurate transcriptions — In order to produce error-free transcription based upon inferior audio files, the BackOffice Pro team needed to revise and rework before delivering the final product.

The BackOffice Pro Solution

BackOffice Pro transcription experts developed a three-stage solution to address initial challenges:

  • Assigning a full-time staff member: In using a full-time equivalent (FTE) exclusively for the project, BOP managers anticipated the value of maintaining continuity and consistent oversight throughout the transcription process.
  • Quality checks by a business manager: As an added level of quality control, a BackOffice Pro business manager checked final transcripts for accuracy.
  • Delivery of individual transcripts upon completion: To facilitate an overall completion in the shortest amount of time, BOP delivered transcripts to the client as they were completed rather than waiting to deliver everything at once.


The Final Results — Success

The BackOffice Pro team successfully overcame difficult challenges and produced two noteworthy final results:

  • Delivery to the client in 13 days — with 99 per cent accuracy.
  • A satisfied client — interested in continuing their ongoing working relationship with BackOffice Pro.