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If you are considering legal transcription outsourcing, BackOffice Pro (BOP) can assist. At BOP, we help internal teams with legal transcription back office support for court proceedings, subpoenas, jury instruction, court testimony, arbitration, investigations, forensic reporting, police interviews, and more.

Our back-office support can be used to assist judges, lawyers, attorneys, media houses, etc. When you hire our resources, you gain access to trained and qualified legal transcribers, in-country translators, and linguists in each language of their respective expertise.

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Legal Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, every transcriber has prior experience of transcribing legal content, including court hearings. Our resources are capable, enthusiastic and possess the following skill sets:

  • Qualified Legal Transcribers: Qualified legal transcribers, in-country translators, linguists - Graduates in any degree/and native language speakers of Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese and more.
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of legal vocabulary, proceedings and more
  • Exceptional hearing and comprehension
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word
  • Knowledge of legal terminology, proceedings, etc.
  • Efficiency and attention to detail
  • Good knowledge of the local popular culture in the target language
  • Ability to listen to audio court proceedings in any language and type down what is said to match the audio
  • Annotation of other acoustic events and commenting on sound quality will also be necessary
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, with particular emphasis on spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Ability to work within deadlines with excellent time management skills
  • Typing speed minimum of 75 wpm
  • Excellent English vocabulary and grammar skills

Legal Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BOP, we know each client is different, and everyone has unique transcription needs, and deliver exactly what each client deserves. Our legal transcription services include:

  • Court Report and
    Proceedings Transcription

    Stay on top of your legal documentation by availing our transcription services for defense and prosecution pleadings, etc.

  • Subpoenas Transcription

    Receive a wide range of transcription services that include deposition subpoena, witness subpoena, subpoena duces tecum, etc.

  • Jury Instruction Transcription

    Our services include transcription for any court case you encounter such as instructions for civil and criminal juries, etc.

  • Court Testimony Transcription

    We offer court testimony transcription services for witness testimony, police testimony, expert testimony, etc.

  • Arbitration Transcription

    Our legal transcription services include transcription of arbitration, grievance arbitration, independent arbitration, and more.

  • Investigation Transcription

    We provide services for transcription and translation of accident reports, crime scene and forensic investigations, and more.

  • Forensic Transcription

    Our legal transcription services are threefold and include data analysis, enhancement, and final transcription.

  • Police Interview Transcription

    We transcribe interviews for police departments as well as the FBI and accurately translate the conversations into several languages.

Benefits of Availing
Our Legal Transcription Services

With BOP, you gain access to qualified transcribers at the most affordable costs. The interests of outsourcing back office support to our resources include:

  • Accurate Legal Documents With BOP, you can create error-free legal documents, used over and over again by judges, lawyers, attorneys, media houses and more. We help internal teams assist legal professionals you with keeping accurate records thereby saving your time.
  • Better Decision Making Legal transcription helps in clear decision making and better cataloging of legal hearings and proceedings
  • High-Cost Savings BOP’s back office support helps you save on the costs involved in having in-house transcribers and infrastructure.
  • Better Future Planning Legal documents with nil errors serve as a better source for future references and arrive at a clear judgment


Get Error Free Legal Transcription Services from BOP

For legal transcription services in India contact us. From court testimonies to jury instructions, we can assist internal teams with accurate legal transcription back office support services. Tell us your need, and get a free quote.