US Based Chemical Engineering Company Used Back Office Pro Expertise to Extract 145,000 Abstracts In 75 Days

The Client

The client is an established company in the chemical industry. Based in the US, the client had established their presence in the global market. They were looking for an extraction services partner.

The client was not interested in supervising the scope and scale of the project. Hence, they were looking for a partner who was well versed in the various domains and segments of the chemical industry.

The Project

The client’s conclusion was that conducting this process in-house would lead to extra work for their knowledge workers. It would be a waste of their resources when the project could just as effectively be managed by expert solution providers. For a more effective information management, they had decided on Back Office Pro to handle their information extraction.

The Challenge

The client had approached us with a mammoth information extraction task. Data had to be compiled from legacy data like petrochemicals, chemicals, life science, biotech pharmaceuticals, polymers etc. The work involved extraction of both the data and property from technical abstracts.

Our challenge lay in the fact that much of the required data was hidden in the chemical abstracts. Most of the details to be extracted were highly vague. This entailed a very high degree of technical expertise. We needed a team capable of advanced technical data interpretation.

The Back Office Pro Solution

We started by assigning a highly qualified team that would be able to produce an outcome in accordance with international standards. It was comprised of experts and engineers in the specified domains along with technical editors.

After we appointed the team, all required technical apparatus were set up. The team started their implementation within six weeks. With our automated technical software with the specialist extraction team we were able to work within a very short span of time. In 75 days, which was a full week ahead of schedule, we were able to work with 145,000 abstracts.

The data was accumulated over 7-8 decades. This had resulted in diverse styles, presentation and formats. We supplemented the client’s specifications on design and appearances were kept in mind to produce a value added product.


The Results

In 18 months, we have now completed over a million abstracts. The client’s satisfaction with our performance is evidenced with the fact that they decide to engage our services for other value-added avenues, such as indexing, news abstracts and patents. We are now working in two languages – English and German. We plan to include other languages in our repertoire.

Back Office Pro was able to escalate their manpower deployment as well as their delivery capacity. These two factors along with our focus on technological parameters like proprietary software to aid both the flow of work and extraction gave the clients the advantage in multiple fronts. They could cut down on cost, time and effort by engaging a highly skilled partner. In addition, they also benefited through our transparent and flexible functions.