US Based Chemical Engineering Company Used Back Office Pro Expertise to Extract 145,000 Abstracts In 75 Days

The Client

The client based in Europe, is one of the foremost manufacturers of precision instruments. The client approached Back Office Pro to assess our expertise in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). They were particularly interested in our market research or online research services division.

The Project

The client was in the process of setting up their market in India. For this, they needed a detailed report on Indian dealers who dealt with products that were same or identical to their own precision instrument products. What they needed came under dealer mapping.

The Challenge

The client required us to compile a report on all 5,000 such dealers across the country. The report had to include all contact information. The client needed this massive amount of details to be gathered and amassed in a report within a short time period.

In addition, the client was very particular about the sourcing of the information. Only credible source were to be applied. The client was equipped with a confirmation system that was designed to detect any duplicate entries. Hence, the accuracy of the information was of utmost importance.

The Back Office Pro Solution

The client had picked us for our competitive pricing. Back Office Pro was also quite exceptionally equipped to handle this tough assignment. We were well versed in the intricacies of the local market. Over five years of experience in dealing with similar project for a wide range of clients had given us a unique understanding and edge. Both these factors proved to be very useful in this case.

We were able to complete an exhaustive dossier on the contact information of various Indian dealers well within the stipulated time frame. The accuracy of the information was also validated by the client’s verifying system.

The data was accumulated over 7-8 decades. This had resulted in diverse styles, presentation and formats. We supplemented the client’s specifications on design and appearances were kept in mind to produce a value added product.


The Results

Our premium market research came in for very high praise by the client. Among the many immediate benefits that the client was able to accrue with our work were:

  • Cost reduction: The client was based in Europe and quite ignorant of local Indian market conditions. Given these limitations, any in-house research by the client was bound to incur heavy financial costs. By outsourcing their research to a reliable KPO firm was the best possible solution. Back Office Pro’s competitive rates further helped in lowering the costs.
  • Quality services: The truth is that the market is filled with KPO or market research firms. What differentiates them from one another is the quality of their services. We not only ensured a quality outcome, but also offered some of the best costs. Our expertise of the local market along with the heavy man-power deployment on online research gave our outcome an international standard.
  • Bona fide data: Since the client was planning a foray into a completely new market, it was essential that their data be completely accurate. Our database passed this test with flying colors, as confirmed by their confirmation system. This was a source of immense satisfaction for both the client and us.

The client’s satisfaction with our services is evident from the fact that they had enlisted us for similar projects repeatedly.