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BackOffice Pro (BOP) assists Business Translation Service providers with a global network of translation experts who offer regional expertise to comprehend and translate business documents accurately. By creating a globally accessible focal point of experienced linguists, BOP helps translation companies with skilled translators on full-time or ad-hoc basis based on their project requirements.

The elite team of translation experts at BOP is equipped with a wealth of knowledge in the business-related nuances, native fluency over languages, and is supported by a team of subject matter experts. With a cost-effective and flexible engagement model, BOP’s business translation service is a valuable addition to any translation service provider in reaching out to new markets and demographics.

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Business Translation Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s translation experts are a global network of language and subject matter experts who are at the top of their respective fields. These industry leaders use their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology to produce highly accurate translations.

All our translators excel in the following skillsets and knowledge bases:

  • Thorough language proficiency in business terminology.
  • Equipped with Master’s in Business Language (MA) or equivalent degree.
  • Knowledge of various linguistic principles including phonology, syntax, semantics, discourse analysis, and corpus linguistics.
  • Experience translating the most popular business-related language pairs including Chinese-English, Japanese-English, Chinese-Arabic, Japanese-Spanish, French-Japanese, French-English, Chinese-Portuguese, and French-Arabic, etc.
  • Experienced in multi-disciplined business translation focused on major industries including Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Software, Construction and Development, Professional Services, Oil and Gas, and International Development.
  • Expertise in translating official statements and annual reports, including tax forms, workplace safety, cash flow statements, financial statements, shareholder reports, and legal documents by each country's reporting requirements.
  • Well-versed in the use of international reporting standards including the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI reporting standard), and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP reporting standard).
  • Skilled in using translation tools such as Translation Style Guide, Terminology Database, and Translation Memory.
  • Knowledge of legal and other corporate terminologies in business law.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the nuances of government agencies and local regulatory bodies.
  • Typing speed of minimum 40 words per minute (WPM).

Business Translation Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

Our broadly experienced and globally aware team has a wealth of experience that is reflected in our diverse services:

  • General Business Translation Services: We offer localization and translation of emails and other business correspondence including meeting minutes and internal memos. Ensuring seamless communication with a multilingual workforce, we translate and appropriately re-represent the data in company financial statements and other business documents.
  • Company Multimedia: Our team offers comprehensive translation and cultural blending of corporate press releases and conference speeches. We interpret and communicate company public agendas, frequently asked questions pages, and corporate fact sheets accurately.
  • Marketing Materials: The specialists at BackOffice Pro offer translation of marketing collateral and advertising messages. We develop focus groups and translate interview transcripts, including localization and regional translations of key sales copies.
  • Website Content: We translate and regionalize all the global languages supported by software applications. We also localize and translate corporate intranet facilities for companies with footholds in various locations, providing them with access to multilingual preset menu systems, commands, and content.
  • Employee Detail: We professionally handle the translation of corporate legal notes and employee medical records, preparing globally accessible Health and Safety information and policy document translations.

Benefits of Availing
Our Business Translation Services

  • Multi-disciplined Technical Translation: Culturally sensitive and regionally relevant translations, to remove the risk of accidental offense or errors in judgment in translating sensitive information.
  • Awareness of Business Security Issues: BackOffice Pro’s team of translators is experienced in hurdling a wide variety of business security obstacles and is skilled in conducting distributor auditing, due diligence, and regulatory compliance. Our experts are also experienced in navigating the documentation required for local governments and port authorities.
  • Best Infrastructure for Quality Output: The use of CAT tools (including terminology management software, language search-engine software, translation memory software, concordances, and alignment software) assists our translators in preventing mistranslations and improves consistency.
  • Unburdening In-House Teams: Outsourcing your company’s business translation needs to BackOffice Pro assists in unburdening in-house teams, allowing them to focus on other key tasks.
  • Timely Delivery and Reduced Costs: Excellence in meeting delivery deadlines and a premium translation service including a comprehensive translation/editing/proofreading process at reduced costs.
  • Total Transparency: An open-door level of transparency throughout each step of your project allows for easy access and control over the outcome from the client’s side.
  • Enhanced Security: With a network firewall protection and secure on and off-site storage with scheduled daily backups to prevent loss of data, BackOffice Pro offers enhanced security.
  • Strict Confidentiality on all Projects: Non-Disclosure Agreements are part and parcel of our business translation process to ensure the safety of our clients.