Outsource General Translation Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) with a skilled translation team benefits translation service providers in outsourcing general translation requirements when the influx of work is more. The native- and multilingual translators at BOP helps in having an expanded team experienced in translating miscellaneous documents including emails, notes, audio/video clips, and any other financial/legal documents, etc.

Established as a leading general translation service provider, BackOffice Pro provides workforce offering a wide range of translation and language consultation services. BOP is the ideal outsourcing solution for any translation company looking for hassle-free translation assistance that reduces costs while ensuring consistency, quality, and accuracy.

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General Translation Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s team of language experts offer general translation services across sectors including media, medical, corporate, academic, legal, and many others. BOP’s translation team’s skill sets include but not limited to the following:

  • Global awareness and cultural sensitivity to ensure maximum impact.
  • Years of experience in translating technical, industrial, commercial, and scientific documents.
  • Experience with the latest Translation Memory software, including Wordfast, memoQ, across, SDL Trados and Transit NXT.
  • Proficient in using common word processing software including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and CAT tools to ensure consistency in repetitive document translation.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in switching between disciplines including transcription, copywriting, and post-editing.
  • Skilled in proofreading and editing final versions to ensure the quality of the final documents.

General Translation Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s culturally sensitive and linguistically skilled team members are leaders in their respective fields. This level of expertise allows BOP to offer a comprehensive list of services:

  • Critical Official Documents: BOP’s highly experienced team offers the translation of official documents including application forms, immigration forms, property related paperwork, child protection judgments, and medical documents.
  • Milestone Achievement Documents: BOP provides seamless translation and regional iterations of major educational documents such as university degrees, technical certifications, workshop certificates, etc. Our experienced team also provides a translation of birth, death, and marriage certificates.
  • Financial Records and Payments: The team offers the discreet handling of medical payments and invoices to ensure effective translation while securing client’s privacy. Our expertise extends to tax-related documentation and the reliable translation of every detail of a tax agreement and supporting documents.
  • Legal Documentation: With support from seasoned legal professionals, BOP’s team accurately translates legal documents including claims, complaint forms, and insurance documentation.
  • Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence: BackOffice Pro offers professional and confidential translation management services for personal email accounts and other online presences. Our team is capable of appropriately handling personal letters and other personal documents that require localization and translation.

Benefits of Availing
Our General Translation Services

  • Retention of Meaning: An Experienced team in retaining the context and meaning of the content.
  • Political, Social, and Cultural Correctness: Native language proficiency enables our translators to provide translated content that is cultural, socially, and politically appropriate.
  • Audience-Specific Translation: When necessary, our translators can focus their attention on generating audience-specific translations to ensure captivating content.
  • Improved Consistency: BackOffice Pro’s team of professional translators consistently check their work for grammatical and contextual accuracy and quality of tone and style.
  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Our industry-leading professionals are highly productive, leading to shorter turnaround times and lower costs. Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro not only eliminates the costs of developing in-house teams but avoids potentially expensive or legally problematic errors in cultural interpretation.
  • Reliable Deadlines: We prioritize delivering on our promises and strive to create quality translations by the agreed time. Dedicated teams ensure that multinationals can continue to function day-to-day without lengthy delays.
  • Consistent Transparency: Our elite global workforce operates on a fully transparent model whereby our clients can monitor the progress of their projects and effortlessly contact one of our representatives to ensure the highest possible accuracy levels.
  • Complete Confidentiality: Each member of the team is required to sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the privacy of our clients.


If you require scalable and cost-effective general translation services, fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our business development managers will reach out to you within one business day to begin addressing your general translation needs promptly.