Bilingual Audio Transcription Became Seamless for an American Healthcare Professional with Outsourcing Model

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Meet the Client — Healthcare Services in Massachusetts

The client is a not-for-profit medical group with diverse healthcare interests, including a public health department, specialty and primary care practice facilities, and three hospital campuses. As part of their affiliation with two medical schools, the client regularly holds events, lectures, and workshops across the world — often entailing students and other participants whose primary language is not English.

Objective Behind the Bilingual Audio Transcription

The goal behind the bilingual audio transcription was to help the English, and Spanish medical students understand the lectures accurately.





2.5 hours video


7-8 days

Bilingual Audio Transcription Challenges of the Client

As part of one medical school interaction involving American medical professors/students and Spanish-speaking students, the client wanted to transcribe both the English and Spanish audio portions and publish an accurate English-Spanish translation of the medical discussion. The client was not merely looking for native Spanish speakers to translate Spanish to English and vice versa. The client's requirements included expertise in performing business transcriptions involving multiple languages, and BackOffice Pro was selected due to their specialized language capabilities.

Medical Audio Transcription Support from the BOP Transcriptionists

The client's transcription project involved a working understanding of specialized medical terminology in English and Spanish and a delivery date involving 7-8 days to complete. Due to BOP's bilingual transcription expertise, these challenges were considered "business as normal" by the team. While audio quality can often be a challenge during the business transcription process, the client delivered a recording with good audio quality that facilitated BOP's transcribing and translating work.

The 2.5-hour audio recording was split into three separate groups in the following manner:

  • Focus Group 1 — 50 minutes of audio, 13 all-English speaker.
  • Focus Group 2 — 49 minutes of audio, 15 Spanish and English speakers
  • Focus Group 3 — 35 minutes of audio, 13 Spanish and English speakers

BackOffice Pro assigned two business transcribers with both Spanish and English fluency.

Medical Audio Transcription Outcome

The client had high expected high-quality output, faster turnaround time, affordable rates, and swift responses to any client questions. They were highly satisfied with the output we shared and was benefitted in the following ways:

  • They received the transcription in five days (2-3 days ahead of schedule).
  • The output we shared was 98 percent accurate.
  • They saved 60 percent the operational cost with BOP as compared to their onshore alternatives.
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