Australian Student Working on Research Project Gets Academic Transcription within 48 Hours

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At BackOffice Pro (BOP) we provide a wide range of transcription services including academic transcription for researchers, lecturers, students, PhD scholars, to help them transcribing their interviews, seminars, conferences, lectures, etc. With a highly experienced team with an eye for detail, superior listening skills, and exceptional capabilities in linguistics, we provide precise transcriptions that are easily accessible to the academicians.


Meet the Client: Australian Student

The client was an Australian student, working on a research project. She was a final semester student spending time on her dissertation.

Objective of the Academic Transcription Requirement

The client’s objective behind the academic transcription requirement was the ease of analysis of the interview to be able to support her master thesis.





48 hours

Client’s Challenges on Academic Transcription

During her project, the client had interviewed a number of people. These generic interviews were recorded, and they needed to be transcribed for further analysis and drawing the inference. Since she was unfamiliar with computer along with her time constraints, the transcription seemed challenging to her. She hired BackOffice Pro for her assistance.

Academic Transcription Support from BackOffice Pro

We came up with a methodical solution to this challenge. We started with educating the client on the basics of using a computer guiding her through every step so that she could send us the recorded audio files for transcription which was an additional service from us. We transcribed precisely every minute detail had to be transcribed, which included chuckles, giggles and pauses as it was important for her project.

Our delivery schedule was very strict since the client had to finish and submit her dissertation within a short time. To ensure the deadline, we sent our transcription to her within 48 hours, through one of our international delivery centers.

Academic Transcription Takeaways

The client was impressed by both our precision and punctuality of service. She was also impressed with our reasonable rates, a fact that helped us win this project and vowed to refer our services to fellow researchers looking for such services. She incurred the following key benefits:

  • Familiarity with basic computer operations, including file transfers.
  • Extremely precise transcriptions that further helped to substantiate her thesis.
  • Swift completion of the task, much before the client’s deadline.
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