Outsource Audio Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) boasts about being the most preferred partner of the global organizations to outsource the audio transcription process. We serve as your back-office partner providing a wide range of audio transcription for radio shows, lectures, sermons, oral histories, voicemail recordings, podcasts, online data, academic content, and more. Adhering to the ISO standards characterized by multi-layered quality checks, we offer the best quality output within a faster turnaround time.

BackOffice Pro has flexible options to engage full-time equivalents (FTE) based on your needs to transcribe large volumes of audio files. Outsource audio transcription to us to transcribe your audio files enabling safe storage. We work on your transcription process rigorously, leaving you with ample time to focus on your core business and expand.

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Audio Transcription Skillsets at BOP

BOP is known for providing accurate audio transcription services in India. We have a pool of transcriptionists with extensive skill and knowledge, which deliver customized and accurate audio transcription for various business requirements. Here is the list of skill sets we have:

  • Enhanced ability to listen and convert audio into text for safe and easy storage
  • Highly skilled in accurate and fast typing of around 200-300 words in a minute
  • Strong command over language both formal and colloquial, with sound knowledge in grammar
  • Strong understanding of specific information and terminologies specific to the industry

Audio Transcription Services at BOP

As an imminent company providing audio transcription services in India, we always deliver exactly what each client deserves—an output that's customized to their exact specifications. With the list of services mentioned below, we promise to exceed your expectations when you outsource audio transcription to us:

  • Radio Show TranscriptionCreate transcriptions for talk shows, news outlets, and entertainment programs broadcasted on the radio.
  • Lecture TranscriptionTranscribe anything from university instruction to event speeches, seminars, workshops, group discussions, Q&A sessions, and even media briefings.
  • Sermon TranscriptionWe offer transcription services for every faith-based community. Get high-quality, shareable, and searchable transcriptions for congregations.
  • Oral History Transcription Outsource audio transcription to transcribe historical book writing, speech writing, the complication of historical records, and the creation of family histories.
  • Voicemail Transcription With BackOffice Pro, transcribe everything from cell phone voicemail messages to massive corporate incoming calls.
  • Podcast TranscriptionOur podcast transcription services are specialized to improve your search engine rankings and help you satisfy your listeners' requests.
  • Online Transcription We perform transcription for all kinds of online content such as —marketing, business, legal, financial, media, and more.
  • Academic Transcription Transcribe your conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, interviews, focus group sessions, research data, thesis material, and dissertation content.

Benefits of Outsourcing Audio Transcription Services to BOP

As one of the renowned companies providing audio transcription services in India, BackOffice Pro is dedicated to every unique business requirement of clients from different industries and parts of the globe. We deliver the best-in-class output along with the following benefits when you outsource audio transcription needs to us:

  • Get 100% accurate transcription for all your audio files in faster turnaround times.
  • Get transcription in multiple file-formats AAC, AVI, DSS, MOV, MP3, MP4, wav, WMA, etc., from any source, whether CDs or DVDs
  • Distribute audio transcription in PDF and other desired formats instead of heavy audio files
  • Share the meeting or conference inputs easily with the team members to keep everyone on the same page
  • Help your viewers with the text of the audio so that they can double-check the context missed out or misheard
  • Get the word-to-word text of the audio instead of few notes to keep a record of everything spoken in the audio recording


Outsource Audio Transcription Services For Higher Accuracy

The audio transcription services at BackOffice Pro can be customized and scaled up and down based on the need. The back-office team accurately transcribes audio recordings flawlessly for various recorded audios, including lectures, sermons, podcasts, academic research recordings, radio shows, and more. So, if you have a requirement of transcribing audio, contact us to discuss your business requirements and to know the process at BOP to outsource audio transcription.