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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we are fully aware of the challenges involved in transcribing radio shows or advertisements. We have designed our radio show transcription services keeping the complications caused by the continuous data stream interspersed with various segments of different acoustic and linguistic elements in radio programs. Because of our far-reaching knowledge and experience within the transcription industry, we pride ourselves on being the leading outsourcing partner for your radio transcription needs.

Our team members are highly adept at addressing the two main issues that arise with radio transcriptions: the varied acoustic properties of the signal and varied linguistic properties of the speech. We can produce top quality transcripts for media houses, sound studios, and broadcasting companies, amongst others. With us, there’s no need to invest in expensive equipment or additional employees. We shoulder the burden at an affordable price.

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Radio Show Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

We’re not quite like any other radio show transcription company out there. Our support and outsourcing services help to supplement your internal teams, improving workflow and productivity. Our expert teams are equipped with the following skill sets::

  • 4-year university degree (or equivalent) in media studies, audio/visual, or language studies.
  • At least three years’ industry experience working with radio show content.
  • The ability to discern between multiple speakers and to filter through non-verbal audio cues to develop accurate transcripts.
  • An advanced typing speed of at least 70 words per minute as well as a typing accuracy of 98%.
  • Highly capable of delivering any and all industry standard file formats - common Text document (.txt), HTML document (.html), Microsoft Word document (.docx), Rich Text Format document (.rtf)
  • Familiar with all industry relevant transcription types, including verbatim transcriptions, edited transcriptions, intelligent transcriptions ,and computer generated transcription support.
  • Advanced language proficiency and the ability to proofread and edit written transcripts.

Radio Show Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

  • Radio Talk Show Transcription Radio talk shows have a somewhat unpredictable nature, despite their seemingly structured layout. Careful listening and multiple reviews are often necessary to get the content just right. We assign more than one highly trained professional to review the transcript for each episode of a radio talk show to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Radio News Transcription Quite often, news programs included unscripted interviews and reports. As such, accurate transcription is required to capture newsworthy content for future use. Our expert teams offer same-day transcription of live radio news programs.
  • Custom Transcription Formatting Customizing transcription templates is a time-saving service that our clients are particularly keen on. This optional add-on service accompanies traditional transcriptions or can be used to replace overly lengthy transcripts entirely.
  • Time Stamping This value-added service involves added time stamps at regular intervals for easy location of targeted content.
  • Archive Management You shouldn’t need to rifle through disorganized stacks of radio show transcripts when searching for particular content. Our archive management services help you to index programs according to the subject or in chronological order.

Benefits of Availing
Our Radio Show Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro provides a comprehensive range of radio show transcription services, designed to be matched to each specific use case. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Rapid referencing Our highly accurate transcriptions allow media and social media influencers to search through your video content for specific snippets. This makes referencing a lot easier and boosts the accuracy of quotes taken from your video.
  • Include everyone Upon request, your radio show transcription can be customized so that the style and formatting match your exact needs.
  • Simplify searching Audio content isn’t indexed by search engines like Google, which means people can’t search for it. However, if you have high-quality transcriptions of your audio, search engines can find them, which boosts your viewer numbers.
  • Stay relevant When you have an optimized transcription of a radio show freely available and searchable online, your content will keep drawing traffic as people search for related keywords. This means more ROI over time for every show you release with a quality transcription.
  • Quiet zones Some environments prohibit playing audio out loud, and headphones aren’t always conveniently at hand. In these cases, transcriptions bridge the communication barrier and increase engagement.


Exemplary Radio Show Transcription Services with BOP

When you’re looking to outsource radio show transcription, BOP’s stellar transcriptionists can tackle projects of any size or scope. Fill in our online contact form and a representative will be in touch shortly.