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At BackOffice Pro we have years of experience with oral history transcription services. Our company has been providing world support transcription services to some of the most prestigious corporate organisations around the globe. Our commitment to supporting research initiatives is very evident in the economical prices we charge for our oral history interview transcription services. We ensure that their final recordings are transcribed accurately, quickly and professionally.

Oral history is an incredibly valuable tool used by historians, analysts and marketers to collect information about a certain event, person or series of events. In order to take full advantage of an oral history and make it more readily available for others, it needs to be transcribed into a written document so it can be read and studied.

If you are in need of oral transcription services, reach out to our team using the contact form on our website, and our highly trained team will gladly assist you.

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Oral History Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Our transcription team uses the latest standard transcription software and we ensure that each of our technicians is highly trained with the expertise and know-how needed to provide a quality product. Our skills include:

  • Diverse Historical Experience - Our team has experience with the principles involved in accurately documenting historical information.
  • Fast Typing Speeds - Our transcriptionists have typing speed of 70 WPM or more.
  • University Degree in Humanities or Languages - Our team members are backed by a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or similar tertiary qualification.
  • Cultural Awareness - We understand that their are cultural nuances involved when it comes to documenting oral history. As such, we pair up our team members with projects that are within their cultural wheelhouse.
  • Ability To Deliver Any File Format - This includes the most common Text document (.txt), HTML document (.html), Microsoft Word document (.docx), Rich Text Format document (.rtf).
  • High Quality Work - We provide extensive experience with timestamping and speaker identification formats as well as excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.
  • Custom Transcription Solutions - We are able to provide custom transcription solutions involving speech to text (STT) and speech recognition (SR) solutions.

Oral History Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

We offer a full range of services to match your oral history transcription needs. Our transcription team uses the latest standard transcription software, and are surely fully trained and qualified in the use thereof. Our transcribed oral histories have superior quality and we guarantee over 96% accuracy with quick turnaround times. Our services include:

  • Life History Whether recorded as a first-person narrative of someone’s life history or a collection of recordings from multiple witnesses, a life history is a rich representation of the single individual. Accurate transcription is essential.
  • Testimonies Personal testimonies of an individual's life story, a specific event or a historical period are all extremely valuable learning tools. By recording these testimonies on audio and having them transcribed, they become one of the primary references used by historians and anthropologists in their research.
  • Story Narrations Narration of a story is an engaging and unique way to deliver an oral history. However, each telling is unique and must be recorded and transcribed accurately.
  • Multimedia / Audio Library Multimedia and Audio libraries contain a wealth of information that is difficult to access, manage, and index. Oral history is a significant part of some heritage libraries and museums. By transcribing the content into text, users will gain access to content that otherwise would be to difficult to access.
  • Archival Management Of Oral Histories An immediate and pressing need for some institutions such as universities and courthouses is providing administrative control for individual interviews which varying degrees of description and available documentation. Transcribing those interviews and entering the information in an archive management system is key to efficiency.
  • Specialized Transcriptioning Some Oral History interview recordings require specialized transcriptioning staff, owing to the technical nature of the recordings. Our staff is not only experienced in handling technical or specialized oral history transcription projects, but is also suitably trained in the techniques used and terminology needed for oral history interview transcription.

Benefits of Availing
Our Oral History Transcription Services

Handling digital recordings is a tedious task that needs to be handled with precision and expertise. There are numerous benefits to be had by outsourcing your oral history projects and at Back Office pro we specialise in bringing you the best services to meet your needs. Our Services include:

  • Efficient Turnovers While handling digital recordings, a time consuming search is needed to locate specific content; this is overcome by the written record, by providing an easily accessible means to search the transcript for keywords and phrases.
  • Accessible To The Hearing Impaired The hearing impaired and people who don’t have access to recordings could easily retrieve the project content via transcripts.
  • Content Clarity Transcribing your work allows researchers and users to understand parts of the interview which were perhaps difficult to decipher on the audio.
  • Varied Uses By using our services you would be able to use your transcripts as the basis for future documentaries or books.
  • Data Security The safeguarding of data security is an area of high priority for us. The transcriptioning staff is made to work as per guidelines and proper checklists, all intended to eliminate the data security risks that a process may bring with it.


Groundbreaking Oral History Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro provides state of the art oral transcription services at economical prices. Our client minded approach and transparent business methods allow us to build strong successful business partnerships. We work hand in hand with our clients and create tailor made packages to meet your needs, saving you time and money.

Our team is highly trained and experienced, if you are in need of oral transcription services do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form on our website and we will gladly help turn your project into something that is worthy of the history books.