Outsource Sermon Transcription Services

Back Office Pro (BOP) works as a back-office support team for organizations looking to outsource sermon transcription services. Our teams have amassed a wealth of experience in working on sermon transcriptions for textual, expository, devotional, biographical and biblical sermons. The team’s theological subject knowledge is unparalleled, and they are equipped with exemplary linguistic skills that make the quick transcription of even the most complex religious subject matter. The combined skills of our team members enable us to offer a reliable outsourcing solution for religious organizations and theological institutions requiring assistance with their transcription work.

With the help of advanced transcription software, BOP provides accurate and reliable worship and sermon transcripts to our customers. Text-based sermons and similar materials are easily accessible to any members of the congregation and absorb more effectively than other mixed media. At BOP we understand the importance of relaying religious texts in a way that enhances their teachings, which is why we focus on providing our customers with the back office support they need to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their transcripts.

Sermon Transcription Skillsets at Back Office Pro

Our transcribers are backed not only by several years worth of experience but also the following highly sought-after skill sets:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent tertiary qualification) either in theology, ethics, or language-based studies.
  • Excellent grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proofreading skills.
  • Advanced biblical and theological knowledge to bridge any gaps in content or context.
  • High-speed typing of at least 70 WPM and a 98% - 99% accuracy rating.
  • Well-versed in the use of popular transcription software including f4transkript, Interact-AS, Praat, Transcriber, Voxcribe, and more.

Sermon Transcription Services Offered by Back Office Pro

Back Office Pro offers the following top-rated support and sermon transcription services:

  • Expository Preaching Transcription With this type of text, our transcribers employ a thorough working knowledge of biblical scripture as the basis for the completed transcripts.
  • Running Commentary Preaching Our transcriptionists move through the Bible verse by verse, using additional research and thought (where appropriate) to delve into a more comprehensive meaning of the scriptures.
  • Sermonizing Preaching Our transcribers are required to listen closely to the spiritual meaning and implications conveyed in the sermon to create detailed, accurate transcripts.
  • Doctrinal Sermons In order to tackle doctrinal sermons, our transcribers not only listen and type the sermon content but are also required to have some background knowledge of several well-known biblical themes.
  • Ethical Discourse Discourse sermons may involve more than one speaker and as such require that our transcribers have a keen ear and penchant for detail.

Benefits of Availing
Our Sermon Transcription Services

There are numerous benefits to our outsourced sermon transcription services, some of which include the following:

  • Multipurpose Texts We create detailed sermon transcripts that can be printed for study purposes, whether the reader is attending a bible study group or a course. Important points such as Bible verses, people, or places can be highlighted for reference.
  • Accessible Sermon Materials Our sermon transcriptions are a major boon to people with hearing difficulties, who need to have the option of reading the transcript or watching video clips with closed captions. We understand the need for content that is easy to understand and absorb.
  • SEO-Friendly Religious Content When typing a particular search term into a search engine, we make sure that our transcriptions pop up as SEO-friendly content while audio doesn’t show up as easily at all.
  • Wider Reach We know that a full collection of accurate sermon transcripts on a church website or social media profile, made readily available to visitors, is the best possible way to make important teachings reach beyond the confines of a single congregation. As such, we develop transcripts that can be read, studied, and enjoyed by a larger audience.
  • Cost-Effective Transcriptions With BOP’s tailor-made services, customers avoid having to invest in expensive transcription software or hiring permanent staff.


Avail Professional Sermon Transcription Services from Back Office Pro

At Back Office Pro we understand just how important it is to accurately transcribe sermon content. We take our supporting role seriously and ensure that your final documents are of the highest possible quality.

Reach out via our online contact form today, and we’ll get back to you to discuss your detailed requirements.