Outsource Investment Consultation Service to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a major outsourcing partner to various start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises assisting them in their investment memorandum preparation requirements to attract investors and raise funds successfully. The BOP experts create investment teasers that help start-ups to build strong investor relations with the detailed portrayal of the business concepts, the financial transactions, the investment requirements, sales projections, and return on investments (ROI). Outsource investment memorandum consultation services to BOP in India to get a detailed and strategic investment teaser for your business.

We prepare the investment teaser with all the necessary documents like company profile, the project details, financial analysis, tax reports, investment briefs, the risks involved, in an efficient way, etc., leading to successful fundraising. Our clients from all around the world have raised millions of funds to scale up their business. Contact us to know more about our information memorandum service and how it will help you to appeal the potential investors.

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Investment Consultation Service Skillsets at BOP

The business consultants at BOP help various companies with proper venture capital investment memo to present to the investors. We have the following skillsets:

  • Exceptional in determining the net asset value (NAV), calculating the fund performance
  • Proficient in financial analysis, business valuation, tax reports
  • Expert in creating the investment memorandum with company overview, investment highlights
  • Adept in portraying the expansion and marketing plans, determining the key success factors, the ROI.
  • Highly capable of presenting the financial information and investment offer
  • Perform due diligence, research, analysis, and investment teaser documentation
  • Highly capable in creating attractive presentations and company portfolios, business plan
  • Company Profile BOP business analysts create a detailed blueprint of the complete organizational structure, technology, people, customers, and customer relationships. With our company profiling reports, organizations can identify the gaps and strengths, which is an important component of investment memorandum.
  • Project Details We create project documents like the schedule, budget, communication plan, the challenges, threats and risks and strategies to manage them, the project status report, the quality control plans, meeting agendas, and the project management plan.
  • Financial Analysis BOP IM experts evaluate the businesses, projects, budgets, cash flow, and other financial transactions to ascertain the performance and appropriateness. Our financial analysis helps in determining the stability, profitability, and solvency to identify the investment requirements.
  • Investor Overviews We prepare the investor overviews for medium to large scale companies to give investors a correct overview of the company affairs. Our overview helps investors to make appropriate and informed investment decisions for the company.

Venture Capital Investment Memo Services at BOP

  • Risk Analysis We analyze the factors that may hamper the goals of a business success, which involves a thorough evaluation of the project outcomes that are viable to change due to the threats and risks. Our risk analysis helps our clients to mitigate the risks.
  • Investment Proposals We create precise investment proposals consisting of the preparation of the documents of the project, marketing, and sales projections, project cost, projected return on investment, to help investors assess the investment requirements.
  • Tax Reports Being an important step in the investment memorandum, BOP prepares the tax reports, which is a compilation of tax documentation representing the organization’s income and the amount of tax payable to the government.

Benefits Preparing Investment Memo from BOP

The investment memorandum consultation from BOP offers certain benefits as below along with the services:

  • Give your investors a thorough understanding of your business and the objectives, milestones, etc.
  • Demonstrate the investors about your project details, the team, projections, and funding requirements
  • Establish transparency in understanding every aspect of your investment proposal drawing interest in your business


Create the best Investment Memorandum to Convince the Investors

The investment teaser is to help the investors understand the company, the management, the risks and threats involved, the goals and strategies, business development plans, technology, the prospects, and projections. BOP prepares a detailed investment memorandum that delivers the project details and all the strategic plans to achieve the business goals. Contact us to discuss your business requirements in detail and how we can assist you with the investment teaser.