Outsource Cash Flow Analysis Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the paramount outsourcing companies providing business cash flow analysis, financial research, financial modeling services to companies around the world. Our cash flow planning and financial projections present a comprehensive view of the company’s financial status. We prepare the cash flow statement reports to provide insights on the inflow and outflow of cash from a company providing business intelligence insights. Outsource cash flow analysis service to BOP in India and get a clear picture of the financial position of your company.

We support both big and small companies to establish cash flow statements or various cost and revenue components like working capital, return on equity, forecast accuracy, cash conversion. Be it cash flow statement, income statement analysis, balance sheet cash flow, asset investment decision, asset acquisition strategies, BOP has the capability of supporting the related business requirements. Contact us today to discuss at length to avail of our cash flow planning services.

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Cash Flow Statement Analysis Skillsets at BOP

With vast experience, the team at BOP is highly skilled in handling and creating complex cash flow analysis reports, cash flow statement analysis needs. Follow the skills below:

  • Proficient in business cash flow planning and analysis, portfolio, and financial data and create financial models for decision support.
  • Highly skilled in preparing cash flow forecasting, cash flow statement
  • Proven experience in preparing an income statement and balance sheet
  • Expert in performing financial forecasting, reporting, and operational metrics tracking
  • Adept in capturing fund valuation data such as investment cost, realized / unrealized value
  • Seasoned in collecting and analyzing gross/net multiple, gross/net IRR, and financial KPIs such as revenue, net debt, etc.
  • Veterans in evaluating portfolio investments every quarter using both market and DCF approach
  • Cash Flow ForecastingThe BOP finance experts help companies in planning the cash inflow and outflow, giving the proper control on cash allocation with the insightful metrics on cash flow forecasting and analysis for the future financial outcomes.
  • Cash Flow Statement Analysis We prepare a detailed cash flow statement relating to distinct sections like investing, financing, and operations, reporting income statement, account receivables, account payables, income taxes payable, changes in current assets and liabilities.
  • Cash Flow from Financing We offer debt and equity reports, analysis, and report on the cash flow of the company including dividend payment, sale and repurchasing stocks, bonds, loan, long-term debt analysis. Our analysis helps companies to understand their current financial status leading to better budgeting for the future.

Business Cash Flow Analysis Services that BOP Offers

  • Income Statement Analysis BOP provides income statement analysis comparing ratio analysis, fixed income and costs, variable expenses, break-even analysis, seasonality, tax rates, and multiple periods. The accurate reports help companies to understand the cost structure and its profit earning capability clearly.
  • Balance Sheet Report We prepare the financial summary of companies showing the effect of analyzing the assets, liabilities, shareholders’ equity, over some time. Our balance sheet reports also show whether the assets were financed through debt or issuing equity.

Benefits of Business Cash Flow Analysis at BOP

We provide precise and accurate cash flow analysis budgeting, cash flow planning, to various global companies with the following benefits:

  • Get pertinent information related to your company income and expenses
  • Get a summary of projected tax liabilities as part of analyzing your budget and cash flow
  • Determine reasonable budgeting report incorporating fixed costs and controllable expenses
  • Assess cash flow available for investments


Understand your Cash Flow and Determine Your Company’s Financial Status

Effective cash flow management is fundamental for a company to determine its financial goals. Our financial modeling experts analyze your current cash inflow and outflow, helping companies to know the relation between the income and expenses leading to a proper budget building.

Our experts enable you to tap the cash flow of your business and channelize it methodically with sound financial management. Contact us today to know more about our cash flow analysis services and other financial analysis and modeling, cash waterfall modeling, and hire us for your business requirements.