Outsource Dropping Background

Sometimes a business or individuals wants their photos to have a rich, detailed background in order to give their products or subjects context. Sometimes, however, a background is just a distraction. Dropping background services create clean, isolated images where your product or subject is all that’s seen. This removes distracting aspects of a photo and leaves only what you want people to focus on.

It makes sense to outsource dropping background services to the skilled artists and technicians at Back Office Pro, because we have the skills, experience, and technology to remove backgrounds from photos without leaving any tell-tale traces.

Dropping Background Services We Offer

Back Office Pro deals with background removals every day. We can offer you every possible service your images need to make them as useful, flexible, and professional as possible, including:

  • Cutting Backgrounds

    We can surgically remove all traces of a background, leaving just a clean, white area behind your image that makes it look like it was shot in a studio.

  • Adding Shadows

    Shadows are what give an image a 3D-feel and a naturalistic look. We can add shadows that look 100% natural and convincing.

  • Color Enhancement

    The lighting from your original photo may not look right when your image is against a plain white background, but our skilled staff can adjust the color and sheen of your image so it looks perfect.

  • Retouching

    Minor blemishes or distortions can be wiped away by our expert team, making your product images look better than the real thing.

  • Color Conversions

    We can adjust the color palette of your image expertly, resulting in an image that is precisely what you envisioned and with no sign of ‛tampering.’

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

If you’re struggling with your own background removals, Back Office Pro is here to save you. By choosing to outsource dropping background services to us, you

  • free yourself to get back to your core business while leaving photo manipulation to the experts
  • get better-quality results as every photo is worked on by a team of experienced artists and technicians
  • experience the best customer service in the world
  • get finished files delivered on time as agreed – every time
  • improve the look of your marketing and catalog images


Why You Should Act Now

Time is money, and background dropping takes a lot of time and skill. By choosing to outsource dropping background services to Back Office Pro, you get time back to concentrate on other aspects of your business. We give and have given our best, as always, to work quickly, to give you images that are error free and just what your business needs. Every moment you hesitate is a moment you won’t get back – call us today to discuss what Back Office Pro can do for you!