Clipping Path Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro is a leading clipping path service provider in India – leveraging companies more time to focus on their core business. With our team of photo editing experts, we offer excellent back-office support for clipping path services to any size of business. BOP’s clipping path services provide perfect photo cut-outs endowing just a perfect and realistic look owing to our detail orientation.

Clipping path outsourcing to Back Office Pro keep companies away from investing in image editing software and resources. Numerous e-Commerce companies, Real Estate businesses, Online Automotive and Electronic stores, as well as Publishing houses, outsource their clipping path requirements to the BOP. The back-office support that we offer is invaluable when it comes to the overflow of work. Therefore, outsource clipping path services to BOP in India.

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Clipping Path Expert Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

The expert team of photo editors at BackOffice Pro are all highly skilled in, and knowledgeable about, the latest photo editing techniques. This makes us the preferred Clipping Path service provider company:

  • Proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom, and all members of the BackOffice Pro team have excellent photo-clipping skills.
  • Well-versed in many clipping and retouching skills, including masking/pathing, background clean-up, and creation.
  • Expert in cropping, color-correction, and curves/levels adjustments.
  • Proficient in photo manipulation, color correction, precise mask-cutting, intricate layering, and compositing.
  • Vast experience in clipping images for eCommerce, real estate companies, jewelry boutiques, automobile companies, magazines, online and for offline marketing materials

Clipping Path Outsourcing That Back Office Pro Offers

Back Office Pro offers several Clipping Path outsourcing services. These include:

  • Clipping Path with Shadow and Reflections

    BOP’s team of photo editors is also highly skilled in clipping paths, along with shadows and reflections of the products. This will give your image the depth that it needs to tell your company story so that the material which you use the images on has the required impact on customers.

  • Image Manipulation and Enhancements

    Our team of highly skilled photo editors can manipulate images depending on the specific photograph to make the image stand out. Photo manipulation services we offer include retouching and enhancement to make your marketing material attract more customers.

  • Color Adjustments and Conversions

    BackOffice Pro team is well versed in altering the color palette on various images to correct imperfections that have occurred during the shooting of the images. We also specialize in converting images from one file type to another, e.g., JPEG to PNG and more.

  • Picture Resizing

    We resize your pictures so that they are of the same high-quality as the original image and ensure that the marketing materials on which you use these images, has the desired effect on your customers.

  • Multi-Clipping Paths

    BOP assists in multi-clipping paths of your images wherein we change the color and background of the images. Mostly used in e-commerce to show variations in the color of a product, BOP helps you with all image variations.

  • Removing Background

    Removing background is widely required in e-commerce, real estate, advertising, and fashion industry. We remove the backgrounds of the images and adjust them as per the requirements to portray the brand story.

Clipping Path Outsourcing to India - Benefits at BOP

BackOffice Pro has been in the outsourced Photo Editing Industry for over ten years. As such, we have developed expert-level Clipping Path services. Some of the key reasons as to why you should use us as your outsourced Clipping Path service provider are:

  • We clip images neatly, and with much accuracy as we know can mean the difference between gaining a client and losing one as neatly clipped image convey strong messages with vibrancy.
  • Get the backgrounds removed from an image, correctly and tightly, so the finished product is professional. Our image editors are pro in eliminating unnecessary backgrounds.
  • When it comes to mix and match certain areas of images to create one for your business needs, our team is an expert. We create excellent images for your requirements.
  • We use only the latest in image-editing technologies - such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator - to provide you with perfect outputs, quickly.


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Outsource Clipping Path Services to BackOffice Pro

Our team at BackOffice Pro is highly skilled and retain expert knowledge. We are equipped to handle any sized clipping job and will develop a solution that is in keeping with your budget. The added benefit is that we will deliver on your project within the shortest turnaround time so that you can get your marketing material out quickly.

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