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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a global outsourcing partner for photography companies delivering excellent image color correction services, along with white balance, shadow correction, and more. Our image retouching skills facilitate all requirements within a quick turnaround time and with high-quality output. We help your images reach the full potential with accurate color correction. If you have a large volume of photographs to be fixed with color correction, BOP is here to assist you with our pool of image editors saving your valuable time. So, outsourcing color correction services to BOP in India is beneficial to all companies who are looking to share their image editing loads.

Whether the need is adjusting the exposure and color tones, adding vibrancy, fixing saturation, shadows, highlights, contrast, and sharpness, we have it all. With vast experience and high skills, we deliver the quality that suits your business requirements. Contact us today to help us understand your requirements and discuss the scope of the project.

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Color Correction Service Skillsets at BOP

We have a pool of expert image editors possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in color correction and related services. Check out the skill sets:

  • Highly proficient in color correction, retouching, photo-clipping.
  • A deeper understanding of color, lighting, design, perspective, etc.
  • Well versed in photo manipulation, masking/pathing, background removal.
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Lightroom.
  • Experienced in alpha channel masking, cropping, curves/levels adjustments, vector masking.
  • Adept in precise mask-cutting, complex layering, compositing.
  • In-depth knowledge of the finer photography elements and visual effects.

Color Grading Services at BOP

BackOffice Pro has several services to offer under the color correction service for all our esteemed clients. Here are some services on the list:

  • Contrast and Exposure Correction

    BOP offers exposure and contrast correction for images that need a detailed oriented eye and in-depth knowledge about the color balance, over and underexposure, white balance adjustment.

  • White Balance Correction

    We remove unrealistic color cast to maintain the original white color of the object in the photo. We take the color temperature of the source of light into account that refers to the coolness or the warmth of the white light.

  • Temperature adjustment

    BOP expert image editors rectify the color temperature of images by converting the blue images or images with higher color temperature and yellow or the images with lower color temperature to a bright and perfect look.

  • Color Variants

    Color variants is an important service we offer to product and eCommerce companies. We include the whole range of color available for the product to display the product variations.

  • Shadows Removal

    Removing unwanted shadow bestows a natural and prominent look in the product, and BOP offers the service with a high level of expertise for eCommerce and product companies.

  • Photo Retouching

    We offer photo retouching services to make an image look fresh, attractive removing unwanted objects, and enhancing the photos bringing in a perfect appeal to the image.

  • Background Removal

    Background removal is an essential aspect of image editing wherein we remove the background of the object in the image and focusing on the object, making it more prominent.

  • Image Masking BOP’s expert image editors provide image masking services to highlight and hide some specific portions in the image. We offer layer masking, alpha channel masking, and clipping mask services.
  • Clipping Path

    We also provide a clipping path to help you get better-cropped product images for eCommerce and product catalog making changes to the background of the picture.

Benefits of Outsourcing Color Grading Service to BOP

BOP has extensive knowledge and skilled team to offer the color correction service combined with the following benefits:

  • Fix the problem image clips that are either very bright or dark or have improper color.
  • Get images with accurate white balance, color contrast, and sharpness
  • Get adjusted the temperature and added color variants to your product images
  • Get a clipping path and image masking along with retouching the products where needed.


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Hire BOP to Get Beautiful Color Variants and Correction in Images

Color correction helps images look eye-catching if done accurately. It enhances product images aiding in marketing initiatives. BackOffice Pro image editors offer mesmerizing color corrections no matter what volume of images you have. We take away all your loads and fix all images quickly and efficiently while leaving you with more time to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Avail photo color correction services from us and let us take care of your images. Contact us to discuss your project and the outsourcing benefits of BOP at large.