Image Clipping for 12000 Images and Blemish Removal Helps Ecommerce Company in Sweden to with Better Product Display

Image Clipping Case Synopsis

Client Profile – Sweden Based Ecommerce Company

Sweden based eCommerce company is a unique retailer of luxury items that own all their products. They are determined to revolutionize and modernize the online shopping experience, guaranteeing the best product and customer services. Their products are available at an affordable price with fast deliveries.

Client Requirement – Image Clipping

The client had a couple of websites, and they wanted an image clipping service from an experienced company. They came across BackOffice Pro, and being convinced with our expertise; they hired us for a long-term relationship.

Initial Challenges in the Project

Initially, the volume seemed to be a challenge; however, then the experienced team members were able to combat the problem and overcome and delivered the best outputs.

Illustration Team

Customized Steps of BackOffice Pro for Image Clipping Service

To start with the project, we discussed the details of the project with the client and got a clear understanding of the requirement. A team of two editors and one quality controller started with the project using Adobe Photoshop and worked over a virtual private network (VPN) and ensured that the client’s deadline was met. We shared the images in JPG and PNG (1500 x 1500 px) were shared with the client with 24 hours over Dropbox and got approval from the client or the quality.

The primary project requirement was image clipping; however, we had more endeavor to remove blemishes and dust speckles on the images. Our additional effort, timely delivery, and accuracy were appreciated by the client.


Significant Benefits the
Client Received from BOP

On outsourcing the project requirement to the BOP, the client received the deliveries in faster TAT resulting in the quick upload of their website and ensuring the new images and products are correctly displayed. They were delighted and overwhelmed by our quality and hired us for their long-term need.