How a Los Angeles Based Apparel Company Raises Profit to 80% with Apparel Portrait and Clipping Services

Apparel Portrait and Clipping

Client Profile - Los Angeles Based Women Apparel Retailer

The client is an obvious destination for women fashionistas who crave for the latest trends. Their innovations, customized designs, variety, and assortment have made the client a distinguished choice in the world. They have consistently unearthed treasures in the fashion world with an eye towards the cutting-edge presentation and passion for innovating products.

Client Requirement - Apparel Portrait and Clipping

The client wanted to retouch the products for a better online presence. The requirements were retouching the women apparels, removing the wrinkles and dust particles, cropping the images to three specifications mentioned by the client, and saving the images in two formats – PSD and jpeg. They came across our website and tied up with us to edit 3000 images.

Project Intricacies Initially

The shortage of experienced resources was a major challenge on our part as the project can be accomplished by highly experienced experts. So we had set up an action in photoshop to crop the images automatically to the specific sizes, which helped the resources to complete the project faster.

Apparel Portrait and Clipping

Bespoke Solution from Back office Pro for Apparel Portrait and Clipping

Once we won over the challenges, we had set an action-plan as below, to accomplish the goals.

  • After a trial on ten images in 6 hours, we received the inputs in the jpeg
  • Then we manually retouched the wrinkles and dust in Photoshop
  • In the next step, the retouched images were placed on a white background
  • The images were cropped to the specific sizes
  • We used the liquify tool in Photoshop to straighten the apparels
  • Once all the steps were done, we saved the images into two formats Psd and Jpeg and shared the files with the client for approval


Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client was highly satisfied to receive 3000 retouched images shared in 2 formats – Jpeg and Psd within 15 working days. They were overwhelmed with the advanced skill sets and offshoring benefits at BOP and saved 80% on resources and operational costs while choosing us for a long-term relationship.