Photo Editing Prices

The pricing structure for our photo editing services is designed to ensure that there is optimal flexibility for all of your image and photo editing needs. From larger studios to freelance photographers, we can match our services based on the scope of your needs and our prices reflect that.

Base Photo Editing Prices

Our photo editing prices are based both on hourly and per image options depending on the scope of what you need. They break down as follows:

Per Image Rates

Per image rates vary depending on the specific service being performed. Real estate image editing, image clipping and portrait editing services each have their own unique per-image rates, and they include:

  • real-estate

    Real Estate Image Editing

    For each still, our rates starts at $0.50 each, with $0.75 for each HDR image, and $1.75 or more for each panoramic image.

  • real-estate

    Image Clipping

    For image clipping, our pricing starts at $0.50 per image and increases based on the scope and style of work, with $1.50 or more for complex work.

  • real-estate

    Portrait Editing:

    Portrait editing services starts at $0.50 for simple tasks and $1.50 per image for more complex editing work.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are available for simple tasks including most basic photo editing needs. These start at $7 per hour, though more complex tasks may involve a different photo editing price structure depending on the complexity of the work being done.

Full Time Equivalent Rates

For those with large volumes of photo editing work that needs to be done, we offer full time equivalent rates starting at USD$1,100 per month, per editor. This is a good fit for anyone that needs to add a full time editor to their staff for only a short period of time - whether due to an increased work load or because of an upcoming project.

Photo Editing Prices Matched to Your Needs

If you are ready to hire a professional for your photo editing needs, keep in mind that photo editing rates are based on the number of images being edited or an hourly rate or project rate depending on how your define the work. If you have a larger project, we also offer significant bulk discounts, so please contact us to learn more about how these work.

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