Outsource Natural Shadow

In the digital world photography isn’t as simple as snapping a photo – there’s a host of post-processing options that are required to give your website, brochure, or other images a professional look. Clipping – cutting objects out and composing them with other elements – is an essential tool, but simply cutting out an object and pasting into a background will look fake and amateurish if not handled properly – including the creation of natural shadow effects that make the pasted object look like it’s really in the environment.

Outsource natural shadow editing services like the ones Back office Pro provides blend clipped objects perfectly with your chosen background or other elements, instantly making your composites look professional and photo-realistic.

Natural Shadow Services We Offer

Shadows aren’t easy. They require immense skill and experience, both in photo editing software and with real-world photography, because outsource natural shadow editing services always starts with imagining a real light source. The shadows created have to make sense in context and look as if they were created in the real world.

Luckily, our technicians all have the skills of image engineers and the hearts of artists, and we can add natural shadow effects to your images that will look better than the real thing. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Natural Shadow

    Whatever you’re trying to compose, we can add shadow effects that look absolutely real – so real people won’t think for a moment you used trickery to create the shot.

  • Shadow Enhancement

    If the existing shadows in an image are problematic, we can remove or enhance them in any way you require.

  • Color Editing

    Sometime it’s not the shadows, it’s the light or the shading, and we can adjust all of these components until the photo is exactly as you wish it to be.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

  • Savings: We have scoured the market to buy and deploy the best technology and hired the most experienced people so your images can be fixed as soon as you sign us, thus ensuring you don’t have to invest on infrastructure and people.
  • Trained, talented staff: We have the workforce, mechanism and skills to add shadows to your photos. Our technicians know all the tricks in the book and can expertly and professionally handle your photos.
  • Fast, friendly service: We work to your schedule without sacrificing quality, and we’re always available to discuss your project or worries.
  • More time: Time is the one resource no one is making any more of. Pursue new business and your core talents while we expertly handle outsource natural shadow work.


What differentiates great pictures from good? Natural Shadow. It’s because pictures with natural shadows look fantastic, professional, and realistic. Picture without shadow looks like it’s floating in air and does not make any sense. However adding shadows to pictures need high-end software and expertise and they both cost money. It also takes time to get them. By outsourcing natural shadow to Back Office Pro, you get both these for a fraction of the cost. Not only we have the best technology available now, we have also got the people to ensure your images reach you on time, every time.