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BackOffice Pro is a leading outsourced hair masking provider in India. We are the preferred outsourcing partner to Jewelry Studios, Catalogue Publishers, Magazine Publishers, Ad Agencies, eCommerce Companies, and Fashion Studios. Whether its editing images of models or fashion images or for advertisements, Back Office experts are proficient in enhancing images.

BackOffice Pro provides the perfect, flawless hair masking solution for all your photography needs. Our photo editors are accomplished using the most up-to-date image editing tools and software to provide you with expert image masking services. Our team has been in the photo-editing industry for a long time, which means that they are experts in hair masking in Photoshop. At BackOffice Pro, we understand the image editing industry inside-out, which means that you are guaranteed a perfect product. Outsource your hair masking requirements to India.

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Hair Masking Expert Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro, our expert team of photo editors is all well trained in Photoshop CC masking hair, and familiar with hair masking. This makes us the preferred outsource hair masking provider:

  • Each member of our team of photo editors has more than five years of experience. They are proficient in the use of Photoshop and Lightroom. They also have excellent photo-clipping skills.
  • Highly skilled in hair masking and retouching, which includes masking/pathing, background clean-up and creation, cropping, color correcting, and curves/levels adjustments.
  • Experienced in photo manipulation, color correction, precise mask-cutting, complex layering, and compositing, vector masking, and alpha channel masking.
  • A keen artistic eye in terms of color, design, lighting, perspective, and form. All our expert photo editors display great attention to detail.
  • Extensive experience in hair masking for eCommerce, magazines, catalogs, online ads, as well as offline printing.

Hair Masking Services That BackOffice Pro Offers

At BackOffice Pro, we offer several outsource hair masking services. These include:

  • Pixel Masking

    Pixel Masking removes imperfections on images for example on a model’s face that needs to be removed. Our team of expert photo editors can do this for you, as they are experienced in how to mask out hair in photoshop.

  • Alpha Channel Masking

    Alpha Channel Masking gives you flexibility in terms of downloading and uploading your file sizes. Our team of expert photo editors is highly skilled in alpha channel masking, which is a core skill in how to mask out hair in photoshop.

  • Layer Masking

    Layer Masking creates image composites that cut out objects for use in other documents, and limits edit to part of a layer. Our team is highly skilled in layer masking, which is one of the keys outsource hair masking services that we offer.

  • Clipping Mask

    Clipping Mask allows you to transfer the opacity of the base layer to the first two layers of your photograph. The photo editors at BackOffice Pro are skilled in the Clipping Mask technique and are proud to offer you this as part of us outsource hair masking services.

  • Vector Masking

    Vector Masking that clips out the contents of the layer and is integral in how to mask out hair in Photoshop. Our team of expert photo editors is well versed in the technique and give you the best output.

  • Shadow and Reflection Masking

    At BackOffice Pro, our team of photo editors is highly skilled in deleting shadows and reflections from your photos. They are extremely skilled in Photoshop hair masking and delivers the best results required.

  • Background Masking

    Smoothly and convincingly composite images together with BackOffice Pro’s background masking services. Outsource your hair masking requirements to us to get an extremely professional photo that you can be proud of.

  • Complex Layer (Hair & Fur) Image Masking

    Complex layer image masking will assist you with managing your mask pellucid, and semi-transparent objects, such as feathers, hair or fur, from a picture. BOP team of experts has the skills required for the service and creates the exact image as required.

Benefits of Outsourcing Hair Masking Services to BOP

A few of the reasons as to why you should select BackOffice Pro for you outsource hair masking needs are:

  • BOP helps you with the best image removing the unnecessary background and focusing on the object or the subject.
  • BOP extracts the minute details in the images that require greater attention to enhance the images.
  • BOP experts are detail-oriented hence they work with finer edges to bring out the natural hair texture making it look better.
  • BOP helps in enhancing the images removing transparency and unwanted objects from the images.


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Outsource Hair Masking Services to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro has been providing superior quality photoshop hair masking services, in addition to a wide range of image editing services, to global professionals and amateur photographers alike. Our services are affordably priced and help clients to save a considerable amount of time and money, as opposed to them hiring an in-house team of photo editors. If you need a reliable, quick, and affordable image masking service provider for your fashion photo editing, look no further than BackOffice Pro and outsource hair masking requirements.