BOP’s Engineering Team Drafted Product Detailing Guide for New York Based Kitchen Fittings Manufacturer

Our Client – Largest
Kitchen Fittings Manufacturer

The client is a manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen fittings with stores across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, and Chicago, in business since 1925. Committed to craftsmanship on every level, the client creates unparalleled products using the highest quality materials and utilizing artisanal factories with generations of experience, working with in-house designers and prestigious collaborators across a range of inspirations, from Edwardian elegance to organic beauty.

Client Requirement for Product Detailing

With an assortment of products that comfortably meet client needs while continually pushing the aesthetic envelope, they required product detailing and an installation guide for their products.

Challenges We Faced in This Project

An ongoing project with bi-weekly reporting meetings, the team has been expanded from only one member to five, as the project progressed and the client has become confident in our abilities. Maintaining the correct balance between aesthetics and functionality proved to be a challenging part of the process as well.

How BOP’s Team Surpassed All Challenges to Deliver the Best

The on-going project has lasted over two years, with a five-member team making use of SolidWorks Composer and AutoCAD, and the following step-wise process:

  • Parasolid or.STP input files are received as a 3D model of the products (kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings, handworks, and lightings). Vendor drawings were also received– assembly drawings of the product with basic dimensions.
  • Files are opened and managed in SolidWorks, and 3D CAD engineering drawings are created
  • Profile drawings and catalogs are created using AutoCAD.
  • The custom CAD blocks are then created, leading to time-savings, overall consistency, and reduced file size.
  • The installation guide is created and adapted for online and print media.
  • The Service Parts documents are created, according to strict guidelines provided by the client, based on current US policies.


Project Benefits for the Client

Though the project is ongoing, the client has been highly satisfied with our services and is continuing to work with us. They had improved efficiency and been able to cut costs, as well as free up in-house resources due to our highly automated project management process.