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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the supreme rapid prototype companies in India, offering rapid prototyping services for product design, modeling, drafting, fixture design, 3d printing, etc. Our prototyping service helps in product design improvement throughout the product lifecycle and product testing. Product engineers create low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes to design the appearance, functionality, size, etc. accurately. Outsource prototyping services to BOP in India to get a precise solution to your product development goals regardless of the level of complexity.

BOP specializes in high-quality prototype engineering deploying the latest technologies to work on the various engineering requirements like CNC machining, metal casting prototyping, sheet metal fabrication prototyping, rapid tooling, additive manufacturing, stereolithography and more. Contact us to know about our 3D printing and prototype services in detail.

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3D Printing and Prototyping Skillsets at BOP

BOP’s product design engineers research the features and usage of the particular product along with the target audience to provide precise rapid prototyping and engineering service. We possess the following skills:

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  • Expert in designing new products and turning into product renderings
  • Experienced in using CAD/3-D Modeling Software like Solidwork, Rhino, Revit, CATIA, AutoCAD, Microstation, IronCAD, etc.
  • Specialists in determining the materials required to manufacture the product, and the cost estimation
  • Thorough understanding of materials, fatigue, corrosion, linear and nonlinear behavior of materials and product lifecycle management
  • Adept in various plastic and metal fabricating, casting design and manufacturing, and rapid prototyping services
  • Seasoned in preparing product prototype, CNC machining, additive manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, etc

Rapid Prototyping and Engineering Services at BOP

BOP engineers offer a wide range of rapid prototyping services with much precision, to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and product companies. Check out our services below:

  • CNC Machining BOP experts, offer high-quality CNC machining to create accurate, rapid prototype modeling for plastic and metal with better surface finishes and higher tolerance. Our prototype models help in creating the best quality product prototypes.
  • Metal Casting Prototyping We are highly experienced in metal 3D printing that includes creating a prototype for complex shapes and unlikely combinations like lightweight products with high strength. Our engineers provide unparalleled service to deliver the best output.
  • Sheet Metal Prototyping Fabrication We provide accurate sheet metal fabrication prototyping to produce durable metal parts for end-use that meets the manufacturing specifications in various industries like medical devices, aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics and more.
  • Additive Manufacturing We provide product modeling for additive manufacturing service, including stereolithography and 3D printing of plastics and metals. Our prototypes are used to create complex geometries for manufacturing various products.
  • Stereolithography (SLA) BOP engineers also create SLA models for manufacturing end-part or prototypes, which is used in plastic production. The SLAs are required for making the patterns for the vacuum casting molds.

Benefits of Availing 3D Printing and Prototyping Services from BOP

The rapid prototyping services from the experienced team of product engineers come along with various benefits as below:

  • Create physical models for your products with our rapid prototype modeling
  • Get an accurate demonstration of the dimensions, features, and appearance of your product
  • Enhance and streamline the production process with the prototype modeling
  • Get different versions of the products with different colors, surface textures, and the finishing processes

Create Product Prototypes to Facilitate Accurate Manufacturing Process

Rapid prototyping services are in high demand in the product design development and engineering space, where it helps in modeling, drafting, fixture design, and much more. At BOP, we are highly experienced and skilled product engineers supporting the rapid prototyping design and modeling needs from various industries. We visualize the product requirement and actualize it with our 3D modeling and drafting capabilities. Reach us to know how we help our clients with prototyping needs and discuss your requirements. Outsource your business needs us to get the best outsourcing benefits.