Outsource Manufacturing Cost Estimation Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the imminent engineering services providing companies in India supporting contract manufacturers, OEM industry, with manufacturing cost estimation. Our team of product engineers has high exposure in turning and milling, machining, and understanding the relative importance of design on the entire cost of product manufacturing.

We prepare the cost estimation report based on assembly operation, scale of production, product cycle time, material, and labor cost deploying AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, Solid Edge, Inventor. Outsource manufacturing cost estimation service requirements to BOP in India to get a precise production analysis.

Product engineers at BOP are experts in creating the bill of materials (BOM), summing up the purchased materials, labor cost, overhead costs, equipment costs, and the specified tolerance levels. To support the process of cost estimation, we offer a top-down estimate, feature-based cost estimation, parametric cost estimation, cost of quality, bid analysis, and more. Contact us to know our engineering services in detail.

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Manufacturing Cost Estimation Services Skillsets at BOP

The BackOffice Pro experts are highly skilled with machining & manufacturing estimating services to create the best product cost estimation. We possess the following skills:

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  • Have proven experience in turning and milling and other machining processes, material grades
  • In-depth knowledge on casting design and manufacturing, & forging processes, heat treatment, and clear concepts on cutting tools, jig & fixture
  • Experienced in estimating cycle times based on optimum machining parameters and processes
  • Expert in performing cost analysis and costing report based on the unit level BOM allocation
  • Proficient in determining the cost estimate target and, recommending cost-effective solutions
  • Deep understanding of the construction and fabrication techniques and high capability to interpret the blueprint and engineering drawing
  • Seasoned in working with significant CAD software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, Solidedge, Inventor, CAM software and Nesting software

Machining & Manufacturing Cost Estimation Services at BOP

We offer a wide range of product manufacturing estimating services to our global clients with accuracy and precision. Check out our services:

  • Should-Cost Analysis BOP engineers, provide should-cost analysis where we understand and build the elements that are counted in the product cost. Also known as breakdown analysis, clear-sheet costing, teardown analysis, our report helps in product manufacturing cost estimation.
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) We create the bill of material for the assemblies and sub-assemblies, quantities of the raw materials, parts, and components required for product manufacturing.
  • 3D/2D Drawings BOP engineers create 3D and 2D drawings to detail the flat planes of the product as well as the 3-dimensional drawings to explain the depths of the products. We also offer 3D modeling and rendering for the finished products.
  • Assembly Work Instruction We use the 3D data to visualize the product manufacturing process and accelerate the assembly work instruction to decrease the production downtime. We create the manufacturing instructions using the mockups and the prototype design and assembly verification.
  • Feature-Based Cost Estimation We are experts in using the CAM software to create the estimation algorithm following the machining process. We work closely with the list of operations of the CAM program to make a product cost analysis.
  • Parametric Cost Estimation BOP product designers create models that tell the overall parameters of one of the parts of the product, and accumulate the data to come up with a detailed cost estimate of the other similar parts needed for the manufacturing the product.
  • Top-down Estimation We also provide the top-down estimation wherein we take the historical data of the earlier similar projects, to create the preliminary cost estimation. We opt for this method when there is limited data available for the product.
  • 3-Point Estimation BOP is also expert in the 3-point cost estimation which is derived from Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), where we use three estimates – most likely cost (Cm), pessimistic cost (Cp) in the worst-case scenario, and optimistic cost (Co) in the best-case scenario.
  • Cost of Quality (CoQ) Our engineers create the cost of quality to estimate the production downtime to avoid any failure and the extent of utilizing the resources. Our CoQ helps businesses in determining potential savings with process improvements.
  • Vendor Bid Analysis We provide vendor bid analysis to analyze the cost of projects while comparing the bids that the vendors have quoted. Our bid analysis report is beneficial while outsourcing product manufacturing services.

Benefits of Creating Production Cost Estimates with BOP

Product manufacturing cost estimation is a complex phase in product engineering. BOP offers several benefits as below along with the manufacturing estimating services:

  • Get a clear understanding and determine the estimate components
  • Get unique product cost estimation and bid analysis report
  • Avail the 3D/2D product drawings along with the parametric cost estimation
  • Receive a clear and precise assembly work instruction with meticulous production sequences
  • Get detailed should-cost analysis accurate BOM

Optimize Product Design with Manufacturing Cost Estimation from BOP

Estimation of the manufacturing cost is a vital phase in the product manufacturing process, which is a big concern for the manufacturers. BOP engineers provide a high level of detailing or the whole manufacturing workflow that sums up to accurate cost estimation for direct material based on the raw materials, part requirements, tools, and machine set-up, jigs and fixtures, product life cycle management, production process planning and automation, product design and development and more. Contact us today to get a detailed understanding of our cost estimation service and outsource your manufacturing cost estimation service to us.