Outsource Mechanical BIM Services to India

BackOffice Pro provides engineering services supporting architectural and construction companies with premium mechanical BIM services. Be it HVAC modeling, or BOQ ducts, mechanical ducts and duct fitting modeling, isometric drawings or shop drawings for construction, plants or industrial units etc., BOP has the best team to cater to all mechanical BIM requirements of the clients. Outsource mechanical BIM services to India and get the best service from BOP.

Our team of engineers have years of experience and highly proficient with the BIM modeling applications and the latest software and tools like AutoCAD, ANSYS, Revit MEP, Microstation, AECOSim, Rhino, Sketchup and more. We address the needs with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and guidelines and deliver the best output in terms of visualization, models, simulation etc. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with mechanical BIM services

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Mechanical BIM Services Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

The experts at BOP are highly skilled. The team of engineers eagerly addresses to all your mechanical BIM needs with the following skill sets:

  • Expertise in identifying water cooling and variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners.
  • Proficient in Autodesk BIM 360, Tekla BIMsight, Archicad, and many more.
  • Deep understanding of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tools, such as ANSYS, PowerFLOW, SimScale, Autodesk CFD, and more.
  • Highly skilled in modeling natural gas liquids (NGLs) industrial equipment.
  • Proficient in using 3D modeling software designed for all types of timber construction for example CADWork.
  • Highly knowledgeable on CAD software like - AutoCAD MEP, CAD, Microstation, AECOsim, Revit MEP, Rhino, Sketchup and more.
  • Seasoned in using all the critical construction design software tools like Navisworks, Dynamo, and VBA Script.
  • Expertise on different codes under different jurisdictions, like - IECC, ASHRAE standards, NFPA codes, AS 1668.2, AS1851-2005, AS/NZS 3666, NBN Standards, and NBC Code.
  • Deeper knowledge and understanding on sewage treatment plants (STP) and all associated plumbing equipment.
  • Proficient in adding IBMS to the BIM services to ensure an integrated approach and implementation.
  • We understand and ensure LEED accreditation and associated energy modeling services.
  • Proficient with 4D BIM and 5D BIM, helping with time and cost constraints.
  • Adept with 6D BIM , which approaches sustainability, energy use and 7D bringing in the context of lifecycle and energy use.
  • Experienced in creating a loadable family of aspects in a model, different structures, installations, and interior aspects of a building.
  • We follow BS 1192:2007, BS 8536-1 & 2, PAS 1192-2 &3, BS 1192-4:2014, PAS 1192:5:2015 Industry Standards.
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Mechanical BIM ModelingServices at BackOffice Pro

When looking at the specific outsourced BIM modeling services BackOffice Pro can bring to you, not only do we have the previously listed skill sets available but the types of projects you’ll be able to utilize our varied and valuable, which include the following:

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Modeling We do HVAC modeling, including duct work and modeling the flow of air conditioning or heated air throughout a building, optimizing it for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling The ducts used in HVAC systems are an incredibly important part of these BIM services, so BOP provides mechanical duct fitting to ensure that there’s seamless moving of the air throughout the building.
  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling as per submittal/cut-sheet providedAs important to the design of the systems in the BIM process are the exact types of equipment used, and the BIM services from BOP will accurately model based on your ideal chosen equipment.
  • Duct Layout as per project specification and code applicable BOP delivers to you the duct layout that is not only effective in mechanical BIM modeling services and delivery, but they up to all applicable fire, energy, electrical, and safety codes.
  • BOQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipment, Diffusers, Grills, Modeling As a part of our BIM modeling services, we deliver the bill of quantities (BOQ) for all aspects of the entire building system that are critical to a BIM design to be successfully implemented.
  • Mechanical Equipment Detailing (sections and isometric) Because mechanical equipment can be so intricate and complex, BOP’s experts provide detailed mechanical equipment documentation, including sectioning and isometric drawings where necessary.
  • Mechanical Components Modeling The experts at BOP know how different aspects of the mechanical BIM are connected and placed into the system, an asset that is critical for effective and successful design.
  • Walk-Through of MEP / BIM Models We deliver the Design of BIM and mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) systems in 2D, and additionally we go a step further to ensure that those designs are modeled in a way that allows a simulated walkthrough process.
  • Rendered views of Mechanical BIM Models Beyond just the walkthrough, and our team’s effectively communicated BIM service also provide rendered views with materials and lighting modeled in a way to give the full picture to you before project delivery.
  • Fire Protection Models We know that fire prevention and protection is the most important aspect of any mechanical BIM design, so we deliver models that ensures proper sprinkler placement and designs in a way to minimize fire risks.
  • Mechanical Piping Shop Drawings When resultant model we deliver include details of drainage pipes, gas piping, and other related piping systems that comply with shop standards, all are clearly annotated and designed to run the most effective & efficient direction.
  • Sleeve / Penetration Drawings At BOP, we provide sleeve and penetration drawings in a way that allows for integrated mechanical BIM services to deliver the final design displaying and conveying the actual implementation of the designs in practice.
  • Coordinated 3D Piping Models Recognizing that piping systems in reality will be going left and right and up and down to get gas and water where it needs, BOP experts deliver coordinated 3D piping models to reflect this reality.
  • Parametric modeling In order to deliver effective BIM services, we utilize parametric modeling to show how systems and objects operate in real life using solid and surface-based modeling design tools and realistic characteristics of the components.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mechanical BIM Services to BackOffice Pro

The range of mechanical BIM services any given project and the building need to undergo can be staggering in its breadth and its complexity. So outsourcing to BOP in India is the best solution with the following benefits to reap:

  • Get custom and unique models that match your exact needs of equipment and design rather than a generic and generalized off-the-shelf version.
  • Receive improved building design that incorporates BIM modeling through efficient workflow processes integrating models that are completely documented and verified to be without omission.
  • Get the track on actual materials to your designs for full modeling evaluation, simulation and any necessary additional follow up work that arises.
  • Receive designs from our BIM experts at BOP that are more reliable and effective, even accounting for the entire lifecycle of the building.

Outsource Mechanical BIM Services Requirements to BOP

When it comes to your mechanical BIM service needs, there’s so much that needs to be done that smaller businesses or those without excess time and resources will naturally struggle to get it all complete on their own. That’s when, if you outsource mechanical BIM services to BOP can be a lifesaver.

Using BackOffice Pro, you can be connected to an expert, efficient, and incredibly affordable who will be ready to take your ideas into full BIM design for you. Don’t be skeptical, call us today to learn more about our services and what we can offer you, all at a quicker speed!