Leading Power Products Manufacturing Company in Virginia Received Accurate Clash Detection Report for 2.5 lakhs sq. ft of Data Center Model

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a specialized mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering service provider in India offering BIM clash detection to ensure seamless and clash-free models and designs. Real estate firms, engineering contractors, architectural and construction companies from all across the world partners with us to get a clear clash detection report for their projects. Our BIM specialists use Autodesk BIM 360, Revit, Naviswork, etc., to identify the clashes and make changes accordingly.


Client Profile: Virginia Based Leading Power Products Manufacturing Company

The client is a leading power product and system manufacturer, with cutting-edge technology for a perfect today and better tomorrow. Specializing in procurement, installation, integration, and service of the critical power system, they deliver the right power system to their clients, with the expertise, vast experience, and the right resources, the client

Client Requirement: Clash Detection and Cleaning of Models

The client was looking for a partner to help them with clash detection on the BIM models of 2.5 lakhs sq. Ft area and cleaning up of the model. They came across BackOffice Pro (BOP) and hired us to assist in their project.



Virginia, USA


Clash Detection for 2.5 lakhs sq. ft area

Project Cost


Initial Challenges in the Clash Detection and Cleaning of Models Project

In the early stage, the clash detection of the vast area was a challenge, but our experienced pool of engineers made the project successful, submitting within the deadline.

Customized Process of BackOffice Pro for Accomplishing the Clash Detection Project

Once we received the inputs from the client in the form of a BIM model for a data center construction project spreading across 2.5 lakhs sq. Ft area on a single floor, a team of five BIM engineers, checked it in Revit and performed a clash detection in the Naviswork.

We shared the clash detection report with the client cleaned up the model in Revit 2018, making the necessary changes to the model design so that clashes could be avoided.

Clash Detection Project Takeaways

The client got the cleaning of the model as additional assistance, which was not a part of the initial requirement. They happily accepted our suggestions and planned to contract with us for a few more projects.

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