Rhinoceros CAD Software for Architecture & Industrial Design

Rhino®, since its launch in 1998, has evolved as one of the standard architectural 3D modeling tools for architects and designers. As an open architecture, Rhino can also be used as a development platform – a C++ SDK. The inbuilt scripting capability (RhinoScript) enables programmers from all expertise levels to customize, automate and experiment with all its features.

Ranging from sketches, 3D modeling, drawing, and scanning data, Rhino offers accuracy in documenting and modeling the designs, making them ready for rendering, drafting, animation, manufacturing, and construction, translating complex NURBS curves and solids with limitless size. Supporting polygon meshes and point clouds, Rhino CAD can create any geometric or parametric designs. Files can be exported to laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines. These features separate Rhino from all other 3D modeling tools.

archiradar rhino

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How does Rhino CAD Software help in Architectural and Industrial Designs?

Here are some of the examples of architectural and industrial designs created with the help of Rhino CAD software:

01. Facade Panelization with Rhinoceros 3d Model

The Biosciences Partnership Building (BPB) is an example of façade panelization in using Rhino and other related software. The skin of the BPB building is a set of 24 copper panels. While creating the design of the building, the major challenge was the fabrication method and adapting it to a larger building with complex mass along with several folding conditions.

The complex geometry needs were developed in Rhino CAD software, and then Rhino geometry was translated into Revit which was the key behind the success. Rhino enabled the team to develop an accurate shell model, multiple iterations for rhino 3D printing, while Revit assisted in the floor and lab layouts.

Below is the Rhino geometry diagram before exporting the panel data to Excel and Dynamo.

BPB Panels

Source : http://bit.ly/2XMrrkt

The final script was created on the Rhinoceros 3D model, generating linework for each of the panels and center points and ordered points as well in a way with coding the panel types, that produced a flowing effect throughout the façade.

02. Shaping a Roof with Solar Analysis with Rhino 3d Drawing

The roof shape of the Cal Poly Pomona Administration Replacement Building looks random.


Source : http://bit.ly/35FbNd9

The sun movement plays a vital part in sculpting and surges the steel hat. The solar analysis was performed employing well-optimized daylight and the energy modeling plug-in in Rhino 3D known as DIVA. The morphology of the roof has the potential to reduce the intensity of using the energy by the building in the form of loads generated by the fans, and heating, lighting, and cooling through passive designs.

thermal comfort

Source : http://bit.ly/35BqCxq

This analysis aimed to create a roof structure that provides shade in the summer, shields the winter, offers the natural light in the workspace while at the same time reducing a load of energy in the building. The geometry was created in Rhino, and DIVA analyzes the building geometry, separating graphic and numerical solar measurements. Before running the simulation, the expert needs to enter the geographic coordinates, sets the field of measurement and apply the attributes of the material to the Rhinoceros 3D model. The outcome was subjective, rational and deductive.

03. Dynamic and sculptural curves with Rhino CAD Software

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest Louisiana History Museum is an example of a complex architectural project designed in Rhino, showcasing the meticulous combination the apparent opposite concepts of sports and historical along with several clashes the first being the blend of classical with contemporary architecture.

The building wraps you around the building and takes you to certain areas in the Museum that you never imagined.


Source : http://bit.ly/33kgesC

The exterior is completely different from the conventional designs with the bare minimum resemblances, like the height of two floors. Metal panels cover the whole structure.


Source : http://bit.ly/2sj6a6g

The flow of the design, which was based on the NURBS curves, was accomplished with thousands of stone panels, covers up the complex design process. Software that played a pivotal role in the successful accomplishment of the building is Rhino CAD, Grasshopper, Catia, Maya, etc. The modeling was done in Rhino and Grasshopper was used to expound the shape of the metal brackets and support mechanism for the stones and their positions.


Source : http://bit.ly/2pSfKw5

04. Conceptual Rhino CAD design

The four-storied Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, covering an area of 216,000m2, is another iconic architectural presentation, with twenty-eight gates connecting to the Thailand main airport. It serves over 50 million passengers every year.


Source : http://bit.ly/2QNGJnA

The conceptual studies were done in Rhino 5.0, culminating into a wireframe model elucidating the structural setting from the whole concourse making it a successful geometric outcome.


Source : http://bit.ly/2qOoYK5

05. Increase energy efficiency through Rhino electricity monitoring solution

Steinbacher, the world leader in technologies related to energy-saving, is committed to maintaining active and passive energy proportionately. They selected Rhino electricity monitoring solutions to help them save energy easily and obtain the accurate measure of the active and reactive energy in their site spreading over 7000 m2.

energy efficiency

Source : http://bit.ly/2KUwDgY

Rhino enables the company to analyze the usage of power and adjust the power based on the requirement to save energy and cost. The achieved great success with Rhino's solution and extended its usage to smart water and gas metering.

Hire the Rhino CAD Experts for Architectural Design Needs

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