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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a preeminent audio conversion service provider in India catering to recording studios, audio and video recording companies, and media libraries. Our team of audio conversion experts are highly competent in audio editing intricacies and ensure that the original audio is not impaired. Outsource audio conversion service to BOP in India to get precise audio conversions for your business requirements.

We provide audio to digital conversion, digital to analog, noise reduction, audio extraction, and more for various audio-visual needs in businesses. We employ the best audio editing software, namely Adobe Audition, to bring out the best sound quality for every project we take up. Contact us today to know more about our audio conversion service and discuss your requirement at length.

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Audio Conversion Services Skillsets at BOP

BOP has experienced team of audio conversion experts possessing the following skillsets:

  • Well versed with audio conversion software like Adobe Audition
  • Proven track record of developing high-quality audio content
  • Expert in analog, SDI and HD SDI signal processing and conversion
  • Proficient in the integration of audio and video, reel-to-reel conversion
  • Experienced in tracking Audio/Video faults and issues, audio extraction
  • Ability to evaluate sound quality, retaining the quality and removing noise

Professional Audio Conversion Services that BOP Offers

There is a wide range of audio conversion services that BOP provides with high precision and accuracy. Check the list of the services below:

  • Digital to Analogue Audio BOP offers digital to analog audio conversion and also the other way round with the best audio conversion software. We provide customized solutions to each of our clients as every requirement is unique.
  • Noise Elimination Noise destroys the audio quality; BOP removes the buzzing sound or any other disturbing sound from the audio and enhances the audio quality.
  • Audio Format Conversion We are a leading audio conversion service provider offering conversion of audio files in different and popular file formats like MP3, AC3, WMA, FLAC, WAV, AAC, M4A, AMR, and OGG. Our converted files are robust and accurate.
  • Audio Extraction Sometimes, audios are damaged due to moisture, magnetic influence, wear and tear, and dust. BOP experts fix the audio with an audio repairing tool and extract it, retaining the original audio quality.
  • Recording Conversion We also offer reel-to-reel conversion, which is almost a lost skill. Our audio conversion experts are highly skilled with the techniques and tools to help with the recording conversion service with high precision.

Benefits of Audio Transfer Services at BOP

Our audio conversion service is offered with the best quality and the following benefits:

  • Get high-quality digital recordings and their versions in different formats
  • Get tailored audio conversions according to the need with improved indexing
  • Eradicate noise from audio improving its quality
  • Get audio from damaged audio recordings with enhanced quality

Software Expertise

Audio editing has specific software requirements, and we have all the bases covered:

  • We can handle all the major file formats (MP3, WAV, WMA, Real, AAC) and even the minor ones.
  • Audacity
  • Adobe Audition
  • Avid Pro


Get Customized and Precise Audio Conversion for your Business Requirements

BackOffice Pro is the choice of leading companies across the world seeking professional audio conversion and audio editing services. Being internationally renowned and ISO certified, we offer exceptional and 100% accurate audio conversion service and deliver within the turn-around-time to meet your business requirements. Reach us today to know more about our services and how we can help you with your business requirements.