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BackOffice Pro (BOP) develops crisp and high-impact video clips at a much faster time and affordable price. BOP does not only live-to-file video extraction for clipping but also creates impactful & professional clips from several distinct sources. The team of video editors & clipping experts perform research and gather content specific to your requirements and prepare video clips. These professionally-crafted videos are used in corporate branding, marketing, social media, recruiting, investor relations, websites, and so on.

BOP renders a complete range of video clipping services designed to match the specific needs of the client. Over the years, BOP has benefited businesses, publishing companies/media agencies who have a heavy dependence on videos for their daily work with its customized professional clips. We have all the state-of-the-art editing & clipping technologies & expertise to provide you best-in-class professional video clipping services.

If you are looking to outsource video clipping services, BOP will be your perfect partner. Contact the team today.

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BackOffice Pro’s Video Clipping Services Skillset

BOP has a best-in-class team of professionals for corporate video clipping services as well as live event video clipping solutions. These professionals are equipped with the below mentioned skill sets.

  • BOP professionals have a minimum of three years of experience in video clipping & editing or similar domain.
  • Highly experienced video editors & clipping experts easily recognize the unnecessary clips from your video and remove them without disturbing the flow.
  • Knowledge of various types of cuts such as Jump/L/J Cut, Cross-Cutting, Standard Shot, and others.
  • Have a strong understanding of graphic design and video editing & clipping tools like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and many more.
  • Capability to function individually as well as multi-task under a strict schedule.

Video Clipping Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

BOP bestows end-to-end video clipping services designed to match the specific requirements of the clients, including individuals to big enterprises.

  • Online Video Clipping Services BOP redefines existing or creates new useful video clips to promote your business/product /service among the target audience on your websites/social media platforms.
  • Corporate Video Clipping Services From long conferences, marketing seminars to corporate meetings, BOP can render the most essential & impactful minutes of these events in the form of video clips.
  • Online Press Clipping Services BOP’s press clipping services enable you to track your competitors and their products across various forums, including web pages, newspapers, and Usenet groups.
  • Interview Video Clipping Services BOP team of experts specializes in trimming & clipping interviews videos of your brand ambassadors, team members, customers, and SMEs from a marketing angle.
  • Live Event Clipping and Multi-platform Publishing Services BOP clips real-time event videos or news and features them across your preferred platforms. It also provides complete video clipping services from prompt extraction to multi-platform publishing of live broadcast material.

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Clipping Services to BOP

  • It provides convenient delivery options and ways to archive your clips quickly.
  • Generate video clips from any source ranging from recording to live streaming videos, video-on-demand data to network, and content management system to digital platforms.
  • BOP creative & techno-savvy professionals view each video clip from your target audience perspective and consider every edit that impacts your storyline or outcome.
  • Apart from online and social media outlets, BOP’s clippers also capture video from news sites, user groups, YouTube, and other online sources.
  • An ISO certified firm, BOP offers top tier data security, ensuring all the shared data are protected at its end.


Impressive and Professional Video Clips

When you outsource your video clipping services to BOP, you will be getting high-quality and complete professional outcomes within your tight deadline and budget.

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