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About the Client - A Reputed Firm in the US

The client, an established US firm, had previously organized and hosted a four-day corporate event that included interviews with industry thought leaders and key employees, as well as an entertainment schedule for their guests.

Project Requirement - Corporate Video Editing

The firm was looking for an outsourcing partner with prior experience in editing corporate videos to transform the raw footage into four different event highlight videos, as part of their branding campaign.

The raw clips, which added up to approximately 50 hours for the four days of the event were to be edited into a 4-hour documentary video, 1-hour nightlife video, 1-hour interview video, and a 1-hour highlight video. Each video needed to fall in line with the company’s brand image guidelines. The client chose BackOffice Pro based on our impressive portfolio of previous corporate projects.





50 hours of raw video


20 days

Initial Challenges in the Corporate Video Editing Project

  • Approximately 50 hours of footage (12 to 13 hours of video per day) to be edited.
  • Long video length required frequent cuts and renders, which increased the editing time exponentially.
  • The four different output videos required segregating the raw video by content type:
  • Event highlightss
  • Event nightlife
  • Interviews
  • Full event documentary

Solutions by BackOffice Pro on Corporate Video Editing

BOP devised a customized solution to meet the client’s requirements.

  • Dedicated resources: Our step-wise process began by establishing one dedicated resource for each one of the four output styles to ensure that each was well-managed. Internally, we treated the four videos as separate tasks. Each video was regulated by a dedicated editor with extensive expertise and impressive portfolios.
  • Tight schedule: From the management effort perspective, detailed task-wise actions were prepared for each work day. This included detailed documentation of requirements and milestones, and a skilled backup team was trained to ensure that deadlines were met.
  • Media resource management: The most time-consuming step of the process consisted of browsing the raw video and segregating it by content. To optimize this particular part of the process, we took a systematic approach to extracting and organizing the clips into four different content libraries within a media management application.
  • Specialized tools: The videos were professionally edited using specialist applications, most notably Adobe Premiere Pro. Additional tools such as Adobe Audition and After Effects were used to edit inconsistencies and deliver the outstanding quality that the client requested.
  • Corporate identity guideline: Special attention was paid to keeping the videos in line with the company’s brand image and corporate culture, based on a detailed corporate identity guideline. Additional expertise was sourced other internal teams, with content experts sharing their insight on headlines, titles, and other key takeaways. Branding elements were also added to the videos based on specific requests.
  • Thorough quality assurance: Peer reviews of the videos were conducted to ensure a high-quality final output. Technical revisions analyzed and resolved any potential visual and audio conflicts, and as a result, the project was completed within the 20-day initial deadline, without any rework necessary.

Corporate Video Editing Project Takeaways

The custom management and key resources involved in this project ensured the highest level of satisfaction within the first iteration of delivery, with no need for a revisit or adjustments and new business opportunity on multiple outsourcing services on our offering was open for discussion.

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