Outsource Video Tagging Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a leading outsourcing partner in India supporting the video tagging requirements of global companies to help them track their audiences efficiently. The video editing team at BOP offers accurate video tagging services in which we categorize digital videos with date, time, keyword establishment, with various tools and techniques, and even manually. Outsource video tagging services to BOP in India to segment videos for different business requirements.

BOP is committed to providing high-quality video tagging to organizations from various industries and different types of videos like corporate videos, sales videos, promotional videos, training videos, marketing videos, and more. Be it video categorization, embedding metadata, video annotation, establishing emotion tagging, we have it all. Contact us to acquire more information on our video tagging services.

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Video Tagging Services Skillsets at BOP

Video tagging and annotation is a complex task that requires vast experience and in-depth knowledge on the subject to create the video tagging without compromising the quality. Here is a list of skill sets we possess:

  • Highly experienced in video editing, monitoring all video file metadata and time
  • Proficient in video segmentation, adding video annotation and labels for youtube videos
  • Proven experience in selecting accurate video file metadata and keywords
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of emotion tagging
  • Vast experience in working with video tagging techniques and software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, etc

Video Content Tagging Services at BOP

As one of the well-known video tagging companies, BOP has a wide variety of video tagging services that help in boosting the appearance of the video in the target market. Check out the list of services we have:

  • Video Categorization BOP video editing team segregates your videos into an appropriate group or subgroups and tag them accurately to enable the videos to appear to the targeted consumers.
  • Video Annotation Our proficient experts perform the complex task of video annotation for all types of videos along with annotation labeling, delivering the output within a short period.
  • Visual Search Processing BOP video editors offer visual search processing using specific “visual phrases” or tags to find similar videos and suggestions from the company’s internal database or on the web.
  • Emotion Tagging Our experts, with the help of the latest technology, identify various emotions and tag them with videos with similar emotions. Our experts are highly trained to match the emotion categories.
  • Keyword Establishment We are experts in tagging each video with relevant, appropriate, and separate keywords for each item in the video that maximizes the visibility of the videos in the database and web.

Benefits of Video Tagging Services at BOP

Being one of the top video tagging companies catering to global clients, BOP experts deliver the video tagging services for your entire video library accompanied with the following benefits:

  • Get your videos accurately categorized enabling them to appear in the search easily
  • Store and share the videos based on the separate keyword tags
  • Get the best video annotation and labeling service that helps in better identification of the videos
  • Maximize the chances of the video to appear to the target audience with exact tagging


Boost the Video Appearance in your Target Market with Proper Video Tagging

BOP presents professional video tagging services to companies of all sizes from all industries. We enhance your videos with proper tags and advanced video tagging techniques that boost the availability of your video content to your target market and preserve it in your video library. Being an ISO certified company, we deliver high-quality output along with all outsourcing benefits. Contact us to discuss how to outsource video tagging services and other video editing services.