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For companies and business houses looking for a drone video editing services partner, BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers to help with its skilled video editors and expert consultation. With an experienced team of drone video editors, animators, and post-production specialists, BOP is an ideal outsourcing partner for the companies involved in the real estate marketing, event planning, and advertising industry.

BackOffice Pro has a dedicated team of experienced drone video editors that the clients can utilize on FTE or ad-hoc basis to produce seamless aerial-view footage from already-captured drone video clips. While BOP ensures that the end customers of our clients receive striking videos from the rough drone footages, we offer it at a competitive market price with 100% adherence to delivery timelines.

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BackOffice Pro’s Drone Video Editing Skillsets

BackOffice Pro’s experienced and adaptable video editing team features key members with a wealth of knowledge and work experience.

  • Expert in video editing with specialized in aerial filming with drones.
  • Skilled in performing image stabilization by eliminating distractions or imperfections in the weather, ambient lighting, removal of noise and motion blur, and the addition of special effects.
  • Multi-industry experience spanning across the real estate aerial videography, drone videography, virtual tourism tours, and industrial inspection, etc.
  • Expertise in motion stabilization and blur removal from the footages taken from the drones without gimbals.
  • Well versed with Lightworks, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Edius Pro, and Final Cut Pro.
  • Experienced in creating videos in different forms, such as highlights videos, special effects, and photo reel videos, etc.

Drone Video Editing & Stablizing Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

With our experienced and highly skilled video editing team, we offer a comprehensive range of services to take care of all your drone footage stabilization and editing needs:

  • Sequencing Shots: We examine the captured footage and arrange it in chronological order. Sequencing can be approached based on either storyboards or custom sequencing methods.
  • Removing Unwanted Footage: We edit and post-produce the neat relevant footage by removing all unwanted scenes or obstacles which does not hold any significance to the customer.
  • Noise Reduction: Visual “noise” in footage and short clips captured by drones is carefully repaired or removed, increasing the overall video quality.
  • Adjustment and Color Correction: Brightening up the footage can bring life back into the images captured, with finer color and appearance settings optimally adjusted.
  • Stabilization of Aerial Footage: Drone footage can be unstable at times due to weather conditions, leading to unpleasant viewing. BackOffice Pro removes the instabilities for professionally balanced videos.
  • Additional Audio/Video Effects: As per the client’s requirement, we add soundtracks, voiceovers, captions, animatic effects, and more to match your exact specifications.

Benefits of BackOffice Pro’s Drone Video Editing Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Drone Video Editing Services to BOP

  • High-end Infrastructure: BackOffice Pro’s editing team has access to the best-in-class video editing infrastructure including Windows and Apple systems, high-speed internet, and high-resolution monitors to produce high-end videos.
  • Latest, Legal Software: We always use the full version of the software packages and all of which are regularly updated. Our team currently uses Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Edius Pro, among others.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our processes adhere to ISO standards and undergo rigorous checks by a Quality Assurance team. With a dedicated business development manager as a single point of contact, all the projects are only signed off when a client is satisfied.
  • Data Security Control: Your data is safe with BackOffice Pro and is our top-most priority which is also a part of our NDA agreement.
  • Rapid Turnaround Time: We strongly adhere to the SLA and delivery timelines by delivering quality outcomes within the promised delivery dates without any need to follow up.


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Looking for an offshore drone video editing and stabilization service partner? Contact us, and our business development manager will get back to you within one working day with an initial quotation.