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Wedding Video Editing at BackOffice Pro (BOP)

BackOffice Pro (BOP) knows the intense need behind flawless wedding video editing, along with managing the workload. We capture the moments of the couple's day with every detail to make it a prized possession. With a team of highly skilled video editors, animators available at the FTE engagement model, we deliver the wedding editing services that appeal to the wedding videographers and the couple eventually.


Objective Behind the Wedding Video Editing Need

The primary goal behind outsourcing the wedding video editing requirements was to reduce the pressure on the in-house team and expanding the capability of sign-up more projects.

Meet the Client: A Leader in the American Wedding Video Industry

Several popular wedding websites have ranked the client as among the leaders in their field and have been awarded the top accreditation for their "best practices" in customer service. His previous assignments included a coveted role as "Official Photographer" at a Royal Wedding. The client's internal staffing levels — more than 50 video specialists and editors — reflect the high ongoing demand for their wedding video services.





90 videos


2 Weeks

Wedding Video Editing Challenges for the Client

Even with a substantial in-house video editing team, the client had an excessive workload — they were unable to complete the existing video assignments within a short time frame. They realized the need for external help from a wedding video editing specialist such as BackOffice Pro to alleviate the temporary spike in their workload due to their brand popularity. They wanted professional editing of 90 wedding videos (ranging from three to six hours in length) to be completed within two weeks.

The Challenges: Staffing Levels and Multicultural Differences

While the Back Office Pro editing team was confident in their ability to complete the assignment, they did recognize three unique challenges:

  • To complete the client's project, BOP needed more video editors than were on their existing staff.
  • The wedding videos included various cultural contexts that required close attention to detail, so vital elements of each culture were not lost during the editing process.
  • The client required extensive editing — reducing every three hours of footage to one hour.

BOP’s Three-Step Solution to Meet the Video Editing Challenges

BOP developed a three-step solution process:

  • Increase team size from two to five — Without delay, BOP added new specialists, including a senior editor who supervised and served as a Quality Analyst.
  • Choose the most effective software application — To address the need for multi-cam video editing, selecting the "right software" was essential. The BackOffice Pro team used Adobe Premiere CC 2014.
  • Use an efficient process to receive and deliver files — BOP adopted a strategy that worked best for the client. Video files were delivered on a hard drive and then placed on BOP's internal server so the team could access and edit videos before delivering the final files.

Wedding Video Editing Results

BackOffice Pro met and exceeded the client expectations offering the client with the following benefits:

  • Accurate wedding videos with 100% precision within the timeline of two weeks.
  • High-quality wedding videos that ranged from one hour to two hours long.
  • Detailed attention to unique cultural contexts in the wedding videos.

High-quality and timely results enabled the client to avoid losing out on new orders due to backlogs during a busy business period.

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What Do You Do When You Have "Too Much Business?"

Successful businesses and individuals often reach the point of "too much business" during peak and seasonal times. If you have an influx of wedding videos to be edited, the experts at BackOffice Pro are ready to be your back-partner, so you won't need to turn down new business or keep your customers waiting. Contact us to know more about how you can share your loads and get assisted from BackOffice Pro.

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