Outsource Sales Video Editing Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the paramount video editing service provider catering to global clients from all over the world. We offer sales video editing to corporates, product, and service companies to create their B2B sales pitch videos that they send to their prospective customers. Our professional sales videos include virtual product demo, the sales pitch, call to action, and much more leading to sales conversion. Outsource sales video editing services to BOP and get an output that boosts your sales.

The video editing team at BOP is highly skilled and experienced in business video editing with the raw footage. If you require to want to present your product and services to your prospective customers and want their quick action, you must make your videos presentable to them. BOP experts offer video color correction, animation, transition effects, removing objects, adding titles and subtitles, rotoscoping, noise correction, audio mixing, and more to enhance your sales videos. Contact us today to get more information on our video editing services and discuss your projects.

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Sales Video Editing Services Skillsets at BOP

BackOffice Pro creates sales pitch videos that stand out in the competition with the following skillsets:

  • Proficient in creating sales videos, corporate explainer animated video, incorporating graphic design, animation, storyboard creation
  • Expert in sound editing, audio-visual synchronization, voiceover in the sales video
  • Adept in adding sound, background music, audio mixing, noise reduction
  • Dexterous in video color correction, color grading, cut and stitch footages
  • Highly experienced in adding transition effects for soothing, b-roll footages, rotoscoping and special effects
  • Expertise and sound knowledge in using Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc.

Sales Video Editing Services Offered by BOP

Sales videos at BOP are produced with high precision and expertise. We add animations, visual effects as required to make the sales videos powerful

  • Video Color Correction Color grading and color enhancement improves the quality of video and BOP’s video editing team delivers top-notch sales videos, fixing all-black shades, correcting color balance, and underexposed areas.
  • B-Roll Footage We use b-roll footages to cut away from the original video recording or overlay and showcase your products and services, to make it more engaging appealing to the customers.
  • Transition Effects We apply soothing transition effects to increase the aesthetics of sales videos that can soothe their eyes and influence the clients and persuade them.
  • Remove Object BOP experts remove the unwanted objects that get captured while recording the video, which reduces the video quality. We eliminate all the unwanted objects and fill the areas to give a realistic look.
  • Cut and Stitch Footage BOP video editors remove the undesirable video clips while stitching different footages and create a concrete sales video that engages and converts. We include retouching, color grading, background loop, etc.
  • Add Title Animation Title animation is significant in sales videos, and we create cinematic title animation for the sales and corporate videos to make it presentable and professional. We add lighting and sound effects in the video titles along with sub-titles.
  • Audio Editing / Noise Reduction Audio can make or break the purpose of a video, and BOP video editors eliminated the various noises from the video to bring out the best quality video. We correct the audio and add background music to make it soothing.
  • Audio – Video Sync We also add sound to the sales videos that are recorded without sound. We sync the video with the sound in coherence with the speakers’ lip movement properly. We use the latest technology like Adobe Audition and AfterEffect, to bring out the best quality.
  • Audio Mixing To make the sales video more appealing, we provide audio mixing in the videos. We blend two or more sound, add sound recorded separately, adding music, maintain the audio ratio, maximize and normalize audio sounds, remove unwanted sound and clean sound.
  • Corporate Video Editing BOP video editors create the corporate video like sales video, corporate event videos, product demo videos, interview, and chat show video, and much more with various visual and sound effects, animation to serve the business objectives.

Benefits of Sales Video Editing Services from BOP

We incorporate several visual and audio effects to enhance the sales videos and make it convincing with the following benefits:

  • Ger short, customized sales videos with split-screen and jump cuts
  • Add stock photos to videos to showcase products and services giving it a promotional touch
  • Remake the shaky footage that breaks the purpose of the video, regardless of the content quality
  • Get convincing sales videos and make your videos stand out from your competitors
  • Get color grading and color correction to improve the quality of your sales pitch video significantly
  • Make sales videos more engaging with b-roll footage by showcasing your services to make the video more engaging


Get Engaging Sales Video to Boost Sales Conversion

Delivering the right message to the customer is vital for selling products and services that resonate with them. And if the sales pitch is in the form of a recorded video, then it requires the fine-tuning through editing. BOP video editors are seasoned and practiced in providing professional corporate and sales videos. We add various visual effects, audio mixing, color correction, and more to make it look appealing so that it serves the business purpose. Outsource sales video editing needs us to get the best sales videos and all the offshoring benefits. Contact us today.