BOP Helped Video Editing Agency with High-quality 360-degree Wedding Video Editing Service at an Affordable Cost

About Our
Belgian Videography Client

Our client is a professional videography and photography firm based in Belgium seeking an outsourcing partner to successfully tackle a complex 360-degree editing process. The client’s requirement was for a great deal of footage to be sorted through and professionally edited. The footage was captured at a wedding on an automated, tripod-mounted 360-degree camera, requiring specialized video editing software and experienced technicians.

360 Degree Wedding Video Enhancement Requirement

Each key moment was to be captured by methodically following a complex 360-degree video editing process. This process entails the frame-by-frame editing and subsequent re-stitching of each frame into a high-quality result. The client made contact with our team by completing the contact form on our website. The unique nature of this task gave our team the edge as very few outsourcing partners are able to take on a task of such magnitude and complexity.

What Were Our Challenges

The effort-intensive process of manually editing each frame to ensure total coverage was a time-consuming and resource-intensive challenge. Selecting the appropriate software packages for this type of detailed editing of 360-degree video footage and subsequently stitching the entire film back together also proved tricky.

BOP’s Approach to 360-degree Video Editing Process

Our team approached the challenges using our comprehensive step-wise process from the very first communication with the client, to project completion. Once the finer details had been agreed upon, the team proceeded with the task:

  • In-depth research was conducted to pinpoint the best software for the project on hand, resulting in AutoPanoVideoPro being selected as the market leader.
  • A small, highly productive team of skilled editors was assembled.
  • The team divided the 360-degree video footage into individual frames for editing, removing irrelevant scenes, and developing a fluid virtual experience of the event.
  • Color corrections, detailing, and stabilization techniques were applied to each frame, and the music was synced to fit each scene.
  • The final product was presented to the client with natural transitions, special effects, and animations in place, which was approved by the client.
  • The team made use of highly specialized software including REVIT and AutoPanoVideoPro.


Benefits for the Client

The client benefitted from a professionally edited, beautifully presented and seamless 360-degree video production, immortalizing the wedding ceremony. BackOffice Pro benefitted from achieving client satisfaction and repeat business for future projects.