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BackOffice Pro (BOP), a leading back office support provider offers image stitching back office support using cutting-edge image editing technology. Catering specifically to the real estate sector, we help professional photographers, architects, realtors,etc., tap into the lucrative trend of virtual tours and panoramic photography. When you outsource image stitching services to BOP, you save on the time and costs involved in an in-house image editing team.

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Image Stitching Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

A decade of expertise, ISO quality processes, and adherence to SLA standards enable us to deliver high-quality image stitching back office support. Our image stitching professionals have the following skill sets:

  • Skilled image editing professionals with a minimum offiveyears experience in a design team, studio or agency environment
  • Proven expertise and working knowledge of 3DVista Virtual Tour Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom, and PTGUI
  • Working knowledge of color correction, ICC profiles, white balance, raw conversion, and automatic batch-processing
  • Well versed with HDR editing techniques including panorama creation, image correction, and enhancement.
  • Able to create panoramas by effectively stitching horizontally and vertically, overlapping, and ghosting images.
  • Working knowledge of rotating, cropping, alignment, wrapping, and positioning
  • Able to maintain consistency between images through appropriate smoothing and cleaning
  • Experience in 360-degree panorama editing for real estate, virtual tours, store tours, product presentations, and more
  • Experienced in producing high-resolution 180 and 360-degree panoramic images with simulated reality
  • Working experience in delivering any variant of panoramic imagery, including innerand outer sphere, fisheye, inner and outer cylinder, and cubic panoramas to match client needs
  • Ability to carry out perspective correction services quickly and deftly
  • Experience with print management
  • Knowledge of color management in varied applications
  • Attention to detail, committed to high levels of accuracy, and a flexible attitude

Image Stitching Services We Offer

Our image stitching team effectively stitches multiple input filesand integrates them using the latest software to deliver a single panoramic picture/panoramic image. Our back-office image stitching services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Image Cropping At BOP, image editors clip the image from the original image and placing on a sustainable background. Also, we remove unnecessary borders or objects.
  • Perspective Correction Qualified image editors correct any perspective-related distortion in your real estate images without any degradation in the overall image quality.
  • Noise Reduction At BOP, our trained image editors, eliminate noise and grains, if the image is unclear or blurred.
  • Picture Culling Professional image editors sort through all images to find the best examples, as per client guidelines.
  • Color Correction Professional image editors his includes correcting saturation and exposure, complete tonal range, vibrancy and light balancing.
  • Color Correction We correct excess/less color, hues, contrast, exposure, color temperature, white balance, brightness, shadows, highlights, and saturation for vibrant, colorful images that appeal to the visual sense of real estate buyers.
  • Detail Removal Our image stitching team assists you in creating flawless panoramas by removing unwanted elements and shadows during pre or post editing.
  • Image Enhancement Our skilled professionals enhance image quality to highlight the most attractive aspect of images from simple cropping to complex beauty enhancements.
  • Blurring At BOP, skilled image stitches ensure strategic blurring detail directs the focus of the image, highlighting features, reducing visual distractions, and increasing depth
  • Image Cleansing At BOP, oureditors clean images using the clone stamp tool, brush tool, pen tool and other tools for removing dust, scratches, spots,and blemishes.
  • Rotating, Straightening & Cropping Skilled image editors ensure every image is correctly aligned, rotating images in steps of 90 degrees, or fine-tuning the rotation angle and aligning the result vertically.

Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

Over the last decade, BOP’s professional image editors have efficiently stitched thousands of images into 360 panoramas. At BOP, we ensure that your final image does not have any overlapping, color differences, misalignment, tilting angles, unwanted objects, inconsistent light,and shade, or visible seams. Our advantages include but are not limited to the below:

  • Create Stunning Panoramas: Create 360-degree cylindrical panoramas, 'flat' partial panoramas or spherical 360 x 180-degree panoramas. We even stitch rotated and tilted images.
  • Unlimited Output Size: Create panoramas from hundreds of images quickly and efficiently.
  • Ready to Use Panoramas: Our panoramas can be published immediately online on real estate portals etc.
  • BetterReal Estate Marketing: Portray your property more appealingly and assist real estate marketing efforts.
  • Mitigates Real Estate Photo Shortcomings: Eliminate the shortcomings related to photographs of tall or wide buildings that come when using a small camera or mobile phone.
  • Virtual Reality: Provide potential property buyers with a life-like experience of property with stunning real estate panoramas
  • Affordable Pricing: Avail hourly and project rates, a full-time equivalent (FTE) option and customized pricing packages to suit your budget requirements


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Quality Images Stitching from the Experts at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, we utilize the most advanced software to creatively stitch together images and then enhance their quality manually. If you are an advertising agency, photo studio, realtor or real estate photographer looking for reliable image stitching back office support, contact us. Fill in our contact form, call or email us, tell us your back-office support requirement and receive a free quote within one business day.