3D Virtual Tour Company in Peru were Able to Support their Clients’ Needs with 360° Panorama Support

360° Panorama Service at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers 360-degree panorama editing services using cutting-edge technologies. We create panoramic views to enable our clients to demonstrate their products and services in an immersive way. We are the trusted partner of global companies for creating eye-catching virtual tours for companies in the real estate, entertainment, automobile, and tourism industries.


Meet the Client: A 3D Virtual Tour Company in Peru

The client is a company based out in Peru, providing cutting-edge 3D visualization of indoor spaces. They capture the space pictures, for the dimensions and the spatial relationships, and with agile practice offer unprecedented 3D marketing materials to the real estate companies.

Objective Behind the 360° Panorama Creation

The goals were to:

  • Stitching the car and real estate interior images
  • Creating 360° panorama of the car and real estate interiors




Software / Application

PTGui, Pano2VR, Photoshop CC


5000 USD

Challenge for the Client Before Availing 360° Panorama Solution from BOP

The client had two types of requirements – stitching the entire cars with the available images, correct the mismatches and color, dust removal, tripod removal: and creating 360° panorama images for both cars, and real estate interior. With the level of creativity required and the operational barriers, the client wanted to partner with an experienced company to support their requirements. They came across BOP and held hands with us to support their needs.

Stitch the entire Car, mismatch, color correction, dust removal, tripod removal, real estate interior 360 panorama images. HDR blending, stitching of the images sequentially, image enhancement, mismatch correction, window masking, create a 360-panorama, for the car and real estate interior.

360° Panorama Solution from BOP

We received the raw images from the client as inputs, and a team of three image editors started working on the project to create 1000 panorama images in a month. Since the volume was huge, and time being a constraint, it seemed challenging initially, however with experienced image editors, two quality analysts, it was accomplished easily.

We started with stitching the sequential images in PTGui, followed with image enhancement, mismatch correction, HDR blending, window masking in Photoshop CC. Then we created a virtual tour with thumbnails using Pano2VR, added hotspot, logo, map with radar. Finally, we added music in the virtual tour and shared the JPEG 360° panorama images with the client.

The Results after BOP’s 360° Panorama Solution

  • The client appreciated the workflow and the output
  • They got a 70% cost benefit along with seamless communication and reporting
Financial Modeling CTA

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