Real Estate Imaging Company in Norway Increased Their Image Processing Capacity from 1 Million to 3 Million Per Annum

The Client

The client is one of Norway’s most renowned photo-editing firms. Active since 2003, the client company is known for setting benchmarks in real estate photography services, especially in the major cities in Norway. It also –

  • Is a provider of property, commercial, rental, floor plan photography and three dimensional visualizations. Other than that, the company also develops movies and portals for real estate agents, architects, builders, designers, etc.
  • Needed an outsourced partner for help in meeting with the growing industry needs which have radically changed since the days of black and white photography
  • Needed to ensure that said offshore partner has expertise in slide shows, digital colour imaging and virtual tour visualizations.

The Challenge

Understanding the client company’s unique needs was one of the major challenges of the outsourced party. We also had to identify the major problem areas along with the aspirations the client had set for itself. Some other challenging points were –

  • Due to client’s limited resources and infrastructure, it needed us to help it process 1 million images every year
  • Images processed by us needed to be of top-notch quality so that the client did not have to spend too much time and resources on quality checks
  • Fulfilling the client company’s requirement of professionals and adequate upgrading and licensing of software

The Back Office Pro Solution

The following steps were taken to make sure that the client was satisfied with our work:

  • A team of 5 full time equivalents was set up for tasks related to image processing and hiring of further professionals
  • Making sure that proper resources were readily available so that the steep volume of work could be submitted within the tight deadline
  • Hiring a supervisor to oversee the 5 FTEs
  • Assigning an expert client relationship manager to respond timely to client queries and interact with them as needed
  • Using only the most updated software packages to ensure top quality photo editing results
  • Getting the team to deliver 99% errorless final product
  • Ensuring that all the work is done while complying with strict security and privacy protocols, so that the client knows that their data is safe and secured with us
  • Using the most apt anti-virus software, in this case McAfee Enterprise Suite, and anti-spyware filter for internet security. Also ensuring limited internet access through domain level authentication and policy based data access.
  • Letting the Image department use a dedicated 3-4 Mbps bandwidth connection for seamless two-way data transfer with client


The Result

The client company was extremely satisfied with our contribution to this task which was reflected in the positive feedback. Using 40 top-end workstations that were using proper licensed software, we ensured that the client’s specific needs were met and helped us achieve these following results:

  • Saved the client 40-60% of its annual costs
  • By meeting the growing demands of the industry, we helped the client expand and grow its business further which resulted in them merging a reputed real estate agency. Their current processing capability has increased to 3 million images annually
  • By allocating the technical aspect of the job to us, the client could better use his time in concentrating on the core aspect of his business, which is real estate marketing.