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Perspective correction is extensively used in the real estate industry, due to camera tilts that lead to distorted real estate images. At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we assist global real estate photographers, sellers,and agents with precision perspective correction back office support during peak times, skill shortages or influx. When you outsource perspective correction services to BOP, we correct the vertical and horizontal perspective distortions and the parallel lines of the building that appear to converge.

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Image Correction Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our perspective image correction services adhere to ISO processes and are highly affordable. Our skilled and trained image editors, are well versed with real estate imagery and have the following skill sets:

  • Skilled image editing professionals with a Diploma or Degree in Graphic Design, minimum offiveyears experience in a design team, studio or agency environment
  • Proven expertise and working knowledge of the latest editing tools including Adobe Photoshop, and LightRoom
  • Attention to detail and high levels of accuracy
  • Past proven experience in perspective correction services
  • Able to easily identify flaws and correct wrong image alignment, distortions,etc.
  • Background/ knowledge of real estate sector imagery
  • Visually aesthetic and able to deliver to short time periods

Perspective Correction Services We Offer

With almost a decade of experience, our image editors correct any perspective-related distortion in real estate images, without mitigating overall image quality. We’ve effectively assisted internal teams with precision perspective correction back office support, and corrected thousands of images. Our perspective correction services include:

  • Perspective Correction Property photographs aretaken using an improperly inclined camera cause lens distortion or perspective distortion. Our skilled team uses the appropriate photo editing tools to provide high-quality lens distortion correction services.
  • Perspective Cropping At BOP, image editors have the required expertise to identify perspective distortions and crop the required image area as per your requirement.
  • Perspective Error Fixing Our expert image photo editors analyze perspective errors in an image and eliminate these errors. We fix proportional errors so that windows, fireplaces and other fittings appear without distortions during interior photography.

Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

At BOP, professional real estate photographers across the globe have benefited from our accurate, affordable perspective correction back off support. Our advantages include but are not limited to the below:

  • Ready to Use Real Estate Images: Our images are web ready and can be published immediately online on real estate portals etc.

  • Effective Real Estate Marketing: Our perspective correction services portray buildings and objects in the best light, thereby assisting real estate marketing.

  • Eliminate Camera Shortcomings: Address shortcomings related to taking photographs of tall or wide buildings using a small camera or mobile phone. Our correction techniques can be applied to all kinds of buildings.

  • Life-like Real Estate Images: Our skilled editors rectify the alignment of images, sky change, etc., and create life-like real estate images that sell properties

  • Expert Culling: We choose the best images and cullin 3-4 steps, damaged,or duplicate images will be deleted, culling under our clients' requirements.

  • Any Volume Editing: At BOP, you can efficiently edit real estate images of any volume or size


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Perspective Correction Services to Add Value to Your Real Estate Photography

If you are a real estate photographer, our real estate photo editing professionals can assist you in times of skill shortages or project influxes. For precision perspective correction services, floor plan conversion services, tell us your requirement and receive a free quote within one business day. Fill in our contact form, call or email us today.