Japanese History Processor Gets 20000 Ancient Japanese Images Stitched

About BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is a leading image editing service provider in India, committed to offering high-quality image stitching solutions to clients from all over the world. Owing to our expertise and skills, a professor of Japanese History at Connecticut, trusted us for image stitching requirements for ancient paintings and maps. Being highly satisfied, the client partnered with us for his ongoing needs.


Meet the client: A Japanese History Professor at Connecticut

The client is a professor of Japanese History at Connecticut, who teaches cultural history, historical demography around the world, with a special focus on the rise and fall of the premodern society, political space, changing of human life, etc., in complex and populous society.

The Objective Behind the Image Stitching Project

The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for image stitching to:

  • Get images of the highest resolution
  • Blend large and small images
  • Process a huge volume of images within a very short span of time


The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for image stitching to:


Connecticut, USA


$25000 per year

Software / Applications

Photoshop 2020, Lightroom

Challenges for the Client

The client was in search of an outsourcing partner to help him with image stitching of large maps, Japanese paintings, museum paintings, and ancient paintings. Along with image stitching, the final images must be appropriately aligned, have a better perspective to look perfect.

The Solution from BackOffice Pro on Image Stitching of Ancient Japanese Images

When we received the raw images in .DNG format from the client, we chose to create an FTP account for secure file transfer. There were several large and small images that we had to fix by increasing or decreasing the resolution to make all the images even. The process started with a team of four experts aligning the volume of around 20,000 images, culling, or removing the unwanted images. Image stacking was done in Lightroom to arrange all the images followed by manual blending or stitching in Photoshop 2020.

Post image stitching, we processed the images through color and perspective correction, mismatch, patch, ghosting, and reflection removal. Once done with all the intricate procedures, the images were run through a round of QC, ending up with delivering the high-resolution JPEG files by uploading them in the FTP.

The Results on BOP’s Solution

  • Received 30% cost-benefit on Image Stitching
  • mage Stitching for 20,000 images was delivered within the agreed turnaround time
  • Highly skilled resources working on ongoing projects
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